Video: Texans Takes Back Border, Defying Biden!

Written by Daniel Richardson.

In a bold stance against the Biden administration’s lackluster border policy, Texas has stepped forward to assert its authority and take control of the escalating crisis in El Paso. The Lone Star State, refusing to be a bystander as its communities suffer, has deployed the Texas National Guard to reclaim its territory and initiate critical security measures.

Texas Fights Back

Under Governor Greg Abbott’s directive, the Texas National Guard has made significant strides in El Paso, setting up razor-wire barriers and fencing to deter illegal crossings. This decisive action marks a critical turn in Texas’s fight for border security, directly challenging the federal government’s failure to uphold its sovereign duty.

Immediate Impact on Migrant Activity

The intervention has already yielded tangible results, with a substantial number of migrants apprehended at the newly reinforced border. Although these individuals were subsequently released, the message from Texas is clear: unregulated entry will not be tolerated.

A Stronghold for Security

Governor Abbott’s announcement of a new Forward Operating Base in Eagle Pass further underscores Texas’s commitment to border security. This strategic move not only enhances the National Guard’s capability to respond to threats but also serves as a testament to Texas’s resolve in facing the border crisis head-on.

Our Take

Texas’s bold defiance against the Biden regime’s border policies is not just a stand for its own sovereignty; it’s a beacon of hope for all states suffering from the consequences of open borders. While the federal government remains idle, Texas’s actions embody the spirit of leadership and responsibility necessary to protect American communities. As Texas leads the charge in securing the border, it sets a precedent for states’ rights and the importance of proactive governance in the face of federal neglect.

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