Disgusting! Vet Facing 20 Years In Prison For Holding Shield On J6 Speaks Out!

Written by Andrew Collins.

Aaron James, a 38-year-old veteran who bravely served three tours of duty, now finds himself ensnared in a legal battle that could cost him two decades of freedom. This saga began with an early morning FBI raid on his Minnesota home, a stark departure from the hero’s welcome he once deserved. James faces charges stemming from his actions on January 6, 2021, when he claims he was merely aiding a dying woman amidst the chaos at the U.S. Capitol.

A Family Under Siege

James is not alone in his ordeal; his two brothers and stepfather are entangled in the same web of legal challenges related to that fateful day. Their collective trial, initially slated for February, has been postponed, leaving them in limbo until a status update at the end of April. The delay comes as they seek to navigate the complexities of their defense with new legal representation.

Rosemarie Westbury, James’ mother, has voiced her despair over what she perceives as a blatant manifestation of America’s “two-tiered justice system,” a sentiment echoed by many observing the proceedings from afar.

The Day in Question

James recounts the day with a mix of disbelief and clarity, emphasizing the historic significance of attending a rally led by President Trump and expressing a desire to witness democracy in action in Washington, D.C. He narrates how, despite Trump’s call for a peaceful protest, the situation quickly devolved beyond their control.

Inside the Capitol

James describes his entry into the Capitol not as an act of insurrection but as a necessary step to assist his stepfather, who had been incapacitated by mace. He emphasizes his role as a caregiver in that moment, drawing on his extensive experience as a combat medic trained to save lives under the most dire circumstances.

Rosanne Boyland’s Tragic Fate

Among the day’s harrowing events, James vividly remembers the effort to save Rosanne Boyland, a fellow protester who tragically lost her life. In a desperate bid to shield those administering CPR from the onslaught of mace, James and his brother wielded shields found on the ground—a gesture he viewed as a continuation of his commitment to aid those in peril.

The Aftermath

Reflecting on the aftermath, James expresses disbelief at the criminal charges levied against him, emphasizing the non-violent intent behind his actions. The ordeal has left him and his family grappling with the potential consequences of their presence at the Capitol, consequences that seem disproportionately severe given their account of the day’s events.

Our Take

Aaron James’ story is a sobering reminder of the complexities and controversies surrounding the January 6 events. It challenges us to consider the fine line between maintaining law and order and upholding the rights of individuals who find themselves in extraordinary situations. James’ background as a veteran who has served his country with distinction only adds to the poignancy of his current predicament.

This case exemplifies the tensions that can arise when the actions of a chaotic day are dissected in the cold light of the courtroom. It underscores the need for a balanced and fair legal process that takes into account the individual circumstances and intentions of those involved. As this saga continues to unfold, it serves as a critical reflection on the values of justice and equity in our society, especially for those who have previously put their lives on the line in the service of their country.

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