Corruption: Despite the Law and the Supreme Court Confirming the Law, Biden to Illegally Forgive Student Debt, Again!

Written by Thomas Richardson.

President Joe Biden has unveiled yet another ambitious plan to cancel student loan debt, affecting millions of Americans, despite previous efforts being halted by the Supreme Court. This is the tyranny of a dictatorship.

Bypassing the Supreme Court

Following a significant setback from the Supreme Court in June 2023, the Biden administration has not been deterred. This new initiative aims to erase the debt of over four million Americans, with a broad sweep of debt reduction measures that surpass prior attempts.

The Promise to Forgive

Under Biden’s latest scheme, more than 10 million borrowers will see at least $5,000 wiped from their student loans, and an impressive 23 million borrowers will benefit from the elimination of accumulated interest. This action marks a significant expansion of debt forgiveness efforts, despite earlier legal challenges.

The Reaction: Criticism of the Plan

Critics argue that this plan not only disregards the Supreme Court’s ruling but also sidesteps the proper legislative process, effectively acting beyond the bounds of presidential authority. Statements from opposition voices like Elaine Parker of the Job Creators Network Foundation condemn the move as an overreach, likening it to monarchial behavior rather than democratic leadership.

The Financial Implications

There’s a growing concern about the financial ramifications of such extensive debt forgiveness. Questions arise about the fairness to those who have repaid their loans or chose not to attend college to avoid debt. Furthermore, the burden on taxpayers, many of whom did not benefit from higher education, is seen as an unfair penalty to finance others’ education.

Our Take

This latest push by President Biden to forgive student loan debt raises significant questions about the role of executive power in making sweeping financial decisions that impact all Americans. While the intention to relieve the financial strain on millions is understandable, the method—bypassing both the Supreme Court’s ruling and the legislative process—sets a concerning precedent.

More than a financial issue, this is a matter of governance. A balance must be struck between providing aid and respecting the boundaries of presidential authority. Moving forward without heed to these considerations risks undermining the foundational principles of our democracy.

As conservatives, we must advocate for responsible fiscal policies that do not place undue burden on taxpayers or encourage governmental overreach. Solutions to the student loan crisis should be addressed through bipartisan efforts, ensuring fairness and legality in every step. Biden’s unilateral approach to debt forgiveness, while well-intentioned, may have far-reaching consequences for the nation’s economic health and the integrity of our democratic institutions.

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