Video: Patriots Fight Back with a J6 Lawsuit!

Written by Johnathan David Andrews.

Courage Rises Among January 6 Defendants. For the first time since the events of January 6, those facing prosecution for participating in the day’s events are pushing back with a landmark lawsuit. Jake Lang, a key figure among the January 6 defendants, announced a major legal action against Eric Waldo, the officer identified as having a significant role that day.

Taking a Stand Against Misconduct

Lang and over 78 other individuals involved in January 6 are making their voices heard through a lawsuit that accuses Capitol Police of misconduct and brutality. This legal action, brought forward by and championed by attorneys Stefanie Lambert and Russell Newman, marks a pivotal moment in their quest for justice.

The Element of Surprise

In a dramatic turn, the lawsuit was served to Waldo at his home by a process server cleverly nicknamed ‘MAGA SERVES.’ Waldo, now with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, reportedly displayed shock at the delivery of the lawsuit, highlighting the unexpected nature of this legal countermove.

Support from the Community: The Drive for Legal Funds

J6 Legal has launched a GiveSendGo campaign to gather financial support for hiring constitutional lawyers for the case. This fundraising effort is unique in its commitment to transparency, ensuring that all contributions directly support the defendants and their families. With over $150,000 already raised, the campaign is a testament to widespread support for those involved in January 6.

A Call to Action

The campaign encourages donations to help cover legal expenses for the “patriotic heroes” of January 6. Contributors are asked to send between $50 and $100, though any amount is welcomed, as the fight for their freedom continues.

The Community’s Response

Supporters on social media have rallied around the lawsuit, with notable figures like Dave Davenport urging Republicans to back fully. Furthermore, the lawsuit has sparked discussions about the actions of Capitol Police and other officers on January 6, raising questions about their conduct and the necessity for transparency through the release of all relevant footage.

Our Take

This lawsuit represents a critical step forward for those unjustly maligned for their participation in January 6. It challenges the narrative imposed by the mainstream media and seeks accountability for the actions of law enforcement that day. The bravery of these individuals in fighting back against perceived tyranny is commendable, marking a significant moment in their quest for fairness and justice. As conservatives, it’s our duty to support these efforts, recognizing the importance of standing up for our rights and ensuring that the truth about January 6 is fully revealed.

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