Bidenomics: At Least Half of New Yorkers Need Government Money to Survive! (Video)

Written by James Matthewson.

Expenses in New York City are skyrocketing, with 50% of working-age residents unable to meet their basic needs without government assistance. This stark statistic highlights a deepening crisis in one of the world’s most iconic cities. The exodus of the middle class from New York City is alarming. The high cost of living and oppressive tax rates are pushing residents to seek more sustainable lifestyles elsewhere, underscoring the city’s transformation into a landscape difficult for average families to afford. The report titled “The True Cost of Living” released this Tuesday paints a grim picture: half of all families in New York City are in such financial distress that they require government aid, family support, or community assistance to cope with daily expenses. This dependency seems orchestrated to fulfill a socialist agenda, making citizens reliant on government provisions—a strategy right out of a socialist playbook.

Soaring Childcare Costs

Childcare expenses are another crippling factor for New York families. For instance, one mother reported spending approximately $2,700 monthly on daycare alone. When combined with high rents and other living costs, these prices are unsustainable for many, especially the middle class. While the cost of living has increased by 131%, median earnings have only seen a 71% rise. This disparity further strains the budgets of New York families, making basic necessities increasingly unattainable.

Mass Exodus from New York

The unaffordability of New York is not just a city issue but a state-wide problem, prompting a significant population decline. High taxes, rampant crime, and deteriorating infrastructure are compounding the issue, driving residents to seek better conditions elsewhere. Governor Hochul’s current housing plan is criticized for potentially worsening the situation, rather than providing the relief that New Yorkers desperately need.

Our Take

The dire situation in New York City, where half the working population requires government assistance to survive, is a clear indicator of policy failure. The shift towards a dependent society, where individuals rely on government rather than self-sufficiency, is a step back for personal freedoms and economic independence. As a conservative voice, it is imperative to advocate for policies that reduce dependency, lower taxes, and promote job creation to reverse this worrying trend and restore the promise of prosperity and opportunity that New York once symbolized.

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