Bizarro World: Denver Cuts Police Funds to Support Illegal Immigrants

Written by Andrew Coleman.

Denver, Colorado, a city governed by Democrats and known as a “sanctuary city,” plans to reduce its police budget to allocate funds for services supporting illegal immigrants. This controversial decision involves diverting $8.4 million from the police department, representing 1.9% of its total operating budget.

Funding Shift Sparks Concern

On Wednesday, city officials confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation that Denver would use $89.9 million to cater to the needs of illegal migrants. This substantial sum will be partially sourced from $45 million cut from various public programs, affecting essential services including the police and fire departments. The police will see a significant reduction in their budget, which has stirred concerns about the impact on public safety and emergency response capabilities.

Impact on Emergency Services

In addition to the police, Denver’s fire department will experience a budget cut of $2.5 million, approximately 0.8% of its operating costs. These financial adjustments are part of a broader strategy to manage the influx of migrants, which has seen Denver become the top destination per capita for new arrivals in 2023, with more than 40,000 migrants reaching the city. Despite the cuts, the city has planned to continue hiring new police recruits and firefighters, although adjustments will be made, such as relocating training classes to reduce costs.

Mayor’s Office and Other Cuts

Further reductions include a notable $335,155 cut from Democratic Mayor Mike Johnston’s office and smaller cuts across other departments like the Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Public Health and Environment. Mayor Johnston has defended these cuts as necessary sacrifices to create a sustainable financial plan for assisting migrants, emphasizing that the city can be both compassionate and fiscally responsible.

Our Take

The decision by Denver to divert funds from its police department to support illegal immigrants is a troubling precedent that compromises public safety for political objectives. While supporting newcomers is a noble cause, prioritizing it over the fundamental safety and well-being of current residents raises serious questions about the city’s management priorities. This shift in funding from essential services like law enforcement to support a growing migrant population, particularly under a sanctuary city policy, highlights a critical misalignment in municipal priorities that could endanger the community’s security and strain local resources. As conservatives, we must insist on policies that first and foremost protect and serve the taxpayers and citizens who depend on these critical public services.

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