Bill Gates Is Tracking Conspiracy Theorists Who Talk About Him (Video)

Written by Ethan Sullivan.

Bill Gates, the renowned globalist billionaire, actively monitors those who spread “conspiracy theories” about him. During his recent appearance on “The Rest Is Politics” podcast, Gates disclosed that he employs a team dedicated to tracking such narratives. “We often think ‘which of these things should we respond to?'” Gates explained. If the rumors gain enough traction, his team prepares to counter them.

The UN’s Stance on Conspiracy Theories

Gates’ stance is not isolated. His colleagues at the United Nations have taken a firm stand against conspiracy theories, particularly those targeting figures like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Describing the spread of these theories as “worrying and dangerous,” the UN has urged for a clean-up on the internet to silence the spreaders of such misinformation. They have issued a stern warning against linking George Soros, the Rothschilds, and the State of Israel to these supposed conspiracies.

Free Speech Under Fire

This concerted effort to control narrative and thought has sparked significant concern about the suppression of free speech. Critics argue that the tactics employed by globalist figures resemble oppressive measures historically used by authoritarian regimes. In the UK, the government has even instructed police to arrest individuals spreading these theories if they are fact-checked and found to be false on social media. This move has raised questions about the independence and qualifications of those who are tasked with the fact-checking.

Our Take

The actions taken by Bill Gates and his globalist allies paint a troubling picture for the future of free speech. While it is necessary to combat harmful misinformation, the aggressive strategy of monitoring and potentially penalizing free thinkers is disconcerting. It reflects a broader push by global elites to enforce conformity and silence dissent. We must remain vigilant against such overreach to protect our fundamental freedoms.

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