Hillary Clinton Warns That Donald Trump Wants To Be A Dictator (Video)

Written by Michael Anderson.

Hillary Clinton has expressed deep concerns about Donald Trump’s aspirations. Can someone say, “Transference”? In a recent podcast interview with Marc Elias, a lawyer linked to the controversial Trump-Russia dossier, Hillary Clinton delivered a grave assessment of Donald Trump’s view on leadership. She compared Trump’s desired approach to governance with that of authoritarian figures like Vladimir Putin. According to Clinton, Trump envisions a regime where opposition is silenced—either through imprisonment or more dire means.

Projection and Comparisons

During her conversation on the “Democracy Docket” podcast, Clinton stated, “Putin does what [Trump] would like to do,” highlighting actions such as killing, imprisoning opposition, and ruling without checks and balances. She emphasized that this vision aligns Trump with other notorious strongmen leaders like Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un. Clinton’s remarks underline her belief that Trump’s governance model poses a significant threat to democratic principles.

Reflecting on the 2016 Election

Marc Elias, reflecting on the 2016 election, expressed his view that Clinton was wronged, suggesting that external interference compromised the legitimacy of the results. “You have been right about everything. I feel like you were cheated. I think that your election was not on the up and up because Russia got involved… and Donald Trump, and all that,” Elias remarked. Clinton responded with concerns about the potential consequences if Trump were to regain power, likening it to the rise of a dictator.

Clinton’s Dire Predictions

Looking ahead, Clinton warned of dire outcomes if Trump were to return to the White House, mentioning “Project 2025,” a hypothetical scenario where Trump would dismiss key government figures, including those vital for handling crises like pandemics. Her tone throughout the interview was one of urgency and caution, focusing on the need to prevent a future where Trump’s authoritarian inclinations could be realized.

Our Take

Hillary Clinton’s recent statements serve as a chilling reminder of the threats she perceives from Donald Trump’s approach to leadership. By drawing parallels between Trump and some of the world’s most notorious dictators, Clinton paints a dystopian future for America, one where democratic norms are discarded in favor of unchecked authoritarian rule. This comparison is not only a warning from a former political rival but also a call to action for those who value democratic integrity and oppose the consolidation of power by a single leader. It is essential, now more than ever, to heed these warnings and ensure that our leaders adhere to the principles of democracy and fairness, not just power and control.

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