Renowned Oncologist Calls for Immediate Recall of Covid Vaccines Due To Cancer Causing Effects (Video)

Written by Michael Archer.

A top oncologist raises serious concerns over Covid vaccines’ safety. Professor Angus Dalgleish, a world-renowned oncologist known for his pioneering work in cancer and HIV research, has issued a stern warning to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He demands an immediate recall of the Covid mRNA vaccines, labeling them as “fundamentally flawed” due to their potential role in promoting cancer development among vaccinated individuals.

Concerns Over mRNA and Spike Protein

In his detailed critique, Professor Dalgleish pointed out that the Covid mRNA vaccines could cause “an uncontrolled amount of spike protein production in the body.” This is primarily due to the modified mRNA containing N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ), which allows the mRNA to persist indefinitely. This prolonged presence, he argues, might lead to significant health risks.

Misleading Public Information

During an enlightening interview with Dr. John Campbell, Professor Dalgleish disclosed that he had previously served on the board of advisors for an mRNA vaccine company for five years. His insider perspective brought to light the misleading information presented to the public about the nature and potential risks of these vaccines.

Link Between Vaccines and Rapid Onset Cancers

Further compounding the issue, Dalgleish suggests that the Covid vaccines are contributing to a global surge in rapid-onset cancers. He explains that the spike protein, integral to the vaccine’s mechanism, can inhibit tumor suppressor genes and interfere with proteins like BRCA, which are crucial for keeping ovarian and breast cancer at bay. “Interfere with these things, and the cancer pops out much earlier,” Dalgleish noted, expressing deep concern over what he calls “turbo cancer” affecting younger, otherwise healthy individuals.

Alarming Claims About Vaccine Contents

In a related yet controversial claim, an Israeli scientist associated with Pfizer during the vaccine’s development allegedly admitted that each injection includes “billions of nanorobots” capable of being “switched on and off.” This statement, if verified, could have profound implications for how the vaccine functions and is perceived worldwide.

Our Take

The dire warnings issued by Professor Dalgleish underscore a critical need for transparency and rigorous scrutiny in the development and deployment of vaccines, particularly those involving novel technologies such as mRNA. The potential linkage between mRNA vaccines and accelerated cancer onset, as explained by Dalgleish, is alarming and warrants immediate action. While vaccines have been crucial in managing public health crises, the safety of these interventions must not be compromised. The FDA must take these concerns seriously, conducting a thorough review and recall if necessary, to prevent potential long-term health consequences. Public trust in health institutions depends on their unwavering commitment to safety and their ability to adapt when new evidence challenges the status quo.

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