IRS’s Expanding Power To Financially Destroy Every American

Written by John Smith.

For years, we’ve seen the government grow and expand its reach. Now, the IRS has a new manual that greatly broadens their jurisdiction. This new manual could allow them to target almost anyone. The IRS has shifted its focus from just collecting taxes to monitoring people who might threaten the U.S. government’s ability to govern.

According to investigative journalist Ken Klippenstein, the IRS is no longer just looking at the financial records of foreign terrorist groups. Instead, they’re now focusing on a much broader and vaguer term: “national security threat.”

Instead of concentrating on criminals laundering money, foreign terror groups, public corruption, banking improprieties, narcotics, and trafficking, the IRS’s new focus is “national security threats,” which is a term that can be broadly defined.

A Broad and Vague Definition

The new definition of a national security threat includes “the national defense or foreign relations of the U.S. and includes, within a Treasury context, U.S. economic vitality, global competitiveness, market sensitivity, and tracking terrorist assets/financial crimes.” This broad definition casts a wide net, especially since even January 6th protestors were labeled as terrorists.

The IRS is now involved in everything from maintaining the stock market’s safety to protecting critical infrastructure. Their new budget allows them to hire tens of thousands of additional employees. This expansion means they have more resources to monitor and control various aspects of our lives.

When the IRS joins a task force, they can work with other agencies and share taxpayer information. This cooperation could lead to increased surveillance and intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans. The reach of the IRS now extends far beyond taxes.

The Implications for Americans

So, what should we think about this? The IRS is now armed and has previously targeted conservative and religious groups. The agency is largely run by Democrat unionists, many of whom are pushing for a one-party government. These Democrat progressives are eroding our Bill of Rights, and the new tax plan could financially devastate many Americans.

These leaders consistently lie to us and have put a brain-damaged figurehead in charge of our government. They have embraced globalism and world government, abandoning the principles of our Constitution. As a result, we are no longer equal or free, instead governed by a web of rules, regulations, and executive orders.

The people in charge appear to hate America and its citizens. Their actions suggest a deep-seated disdain for the values and freedoms that our country was built upon. This is a dangerous path, and we must be vigilant in protecting our rights and freedoms.

Our Take

The expansion of the IRS’s powers is a concerning development. The agency’s new focus on “national security threats” is broad and could be used to target almost anyone. This shift in focus, along with the IRS’s ability to work with other agencies and share information, poses a significant threat to our privacy and freedoms. We must remain vigilant and hold our government accountable to ensure that our rights are protected.

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