Biden Releases More Oil From Strategic Reserve To Buy Votes

Written by Samuel Johnson.

In a controversial move, President Joe Biden has decided to release 1 million barrels of gasoline from the Northeast emergency reserves. This action, aimed at lowering pump prices, comes just before the upcoming elections. Critics argue this is a blatant attempt to buy votes.

The Biden administration has been under fire for its policies affecting the gas, oil, and coal sectors. These policies have been blamed for increasing prices and causing inflation. Now, to mitigate these issues and potentially sway voters, the administration is tapping into the nation’s emergency reserves. The Department of Energy (DOE) announced that this release is strategically timed to have the maximum impact on lowering gas prices during the summer, just when Americans are planning their holiday travels.

The Impact on Gas Prices

The DOE has outlined that the gasoline will be sold through a competitive bidding process to retailers and terminals. This approach is designed to ensure that gasoline reaches local retailers in time for the July 4th holiday, where it can be sold at competitive prices. According to the DOE, this move is intended to help “lower costs for American families and consumers.”

However, this release of emergency reserves raises questions about the administration’s long-term strategy for energy. Gasoline futures have already rallied 19% this year due to rising oil prices, influenced by OPEC’s production cuts and geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. Yet, many believe that the current administration’s regulations and executive orders are also significant factors driving up prices.

The Political Motive

This isn’t the first time the Biden administration has released emergency reserves to address fuel prices. The timing of these releases, particularly close to election periods, has led many to believe they are more about securing votes than solving energy problems. Critics see this as the administration using the country’s emergency reserves as a political tool rather than for genuine economic relief.

The Biden administration’s move to release gasoline from the Northeast reserve, established after Superstorm Sandy, is being executed in increments of 100,000 barrels. This incremental approach is intended to create a competitive bidding process that ensures a steady flow of gasoline to local retailers. The administration claims this will help stabilize prices and prevent a significant hike as demand increases during the summer months.

Our Take

The release of 1 million barrels from the Northeast emergency reserve just before the elections is a politically motivated move. While it might provide temporary relief at the gas pump, it does not address the underlying issues affecting the energy sector. The administration’s policies have created a challenging environment for gas, oil, and coal industries, leading to higher prices and inflation. By tapping into emergency reserves, the Biden administration is attempting to mitigate these issues temporarily, but this approach is not sustainable in the long run.

Using the nation’s emergency reserves as a campaign tool sets a dangerous precedent. These reserves are meant for genuine emergencies, not political maneuvers. The administration needs to focus on creating stable, long-term energy policies that ensure a reliable supply without resorting to last-minute fixes that serve political ends.

Biden’s approach undermines the trust in how our emergency resources are managed and used. The American people deserve better than short-term solutions to long-standing problems. True leadership would address the root causes of energy price hikes and work towards sustainable solutions that benefit everyone, not just during election season.

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