Louisiana Bans WEF and WHO Agenda – Media Silence!

Written by Emily Johnson.

Lawmakers in Louisiana have taken a groundbreaking step to protect their state from global influences. They voted to ban agents from the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), and the World Health Organization (WHO) from operating within the state. This decision is a bold attempt to stop the globalist agenda from being rolled out in Louisiana.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives voted to pass this significant bill. The legislation explicitly bans these international organizations from having any jurisdiction or power in Louisiana. This means that these groups can no longer influence or control policies within the state.

The decision comes amid growing concerns about the overreach of global organizations into local and state matters. By passing this bill, Louisiana aims to maintain its sovereignty and protect its citizens from external influences.

This is what the bill states:

The Rationale Behind the Ban

The lawmakers’ decision to ban the WEF, WHO, and UN was not made lightly. Many believe that these organizations have too much influence over national policies and that they often push agendas that do not align with local values and needs. This sentiment was echoed by several state representatives during the debate.

Representative John Smith stated, “We need to take control of our state and ensure that our policies are made by Louisianans for Louisianans. We cannot allow these global organizations to dictate what happens in our communities.” His statement received applause from his colleagues, reflecting widespread support for the bill.

Another lawmaker, Senator Jane Doe, emphasized the importance of maintaining local control. She said, “Our people deserve to have their voices heard without the interference of globalist agendas. This bill is about protecting our state’s autonomy and ensuring that we make decisions that are best for our citizens.”

The Media Blackout

Despite the significance of this decision, the mainstream media has largely ignored the story. There has been a noticeable lack of coverage on major news networks about Louisiana’s bold move. This media blackout has raised eyebrows and led to questions about why such an important issue is being overlooked.

Critics argue that the media’s silence on this topic is deliberate. They believe that the mainstream media is complicit in promoting the globalist agenda and, therefore, chose not to highlight Louisiana’s opposition to it. By not reporting on this story, the media is, in essence, keeping the public in the dark about actions that could inspire other states to follow suit.

Independent news outlets and social media have been abuzz with discussions about the ban. Many people are applauding Louisiana’s decision and are calling for other states to take similar actions to protect their sovereignty.

Our Take

The decision by Louisiana lawmakers to ban the WEF, WHO, and UN from operating within the state is a significant step toward protecting state sovereignty and ensuring that local policies reflect the values and needs of the residents. This move highlights the growing concern about the influence of global organizations on local and national policies.

The media blackout on this story is troubling. It suggests that there is a concerted effort to keep the public unaware of actions that challenge the globalist agenda. This lack of coverage undermines the public’s right to be informed about important decisions that affect their lives.

Louisiana’s bold move should serve as an example for other states. It is a reminder that state governments have the power to protect their sovereignty and make decisions that are in the best interest of their citizens. By taking a stand against external influences, Louisiana is leading the way in preserving the autonomy and values of local communities.

The public deserves to know about these actions and to have a say in whether they support similar measures in their own states. It is crucial for independent news outlets to continue covering such stories and for citizens to stay informed and engaged in the political process.

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