Victoria Nuland Says US Must Help Ukraine Attack Russia!

Written by Daniel Thompson.

Victoria Nuland, a former senior Department of State official, has stirred controversy with her recent statements. She believes that the US should allow Ukraine to use American weapons to strike targets deep inside Russia. This proposal has sparked debate about the extent of US involvement in the ongoing conflict.

Nuland’s call for action was made during an interview with ABC News. She argued that Ukraine has the right to strike military targets on Russian soil and that the US and its allies should support these actions. This marks a significant shift from the current US policy, which restricts Ukraine from using American weapons to attack targets considered to be on Russian soil.

Escalating the Conflict

Nuland stated, “They need to be able to stop these Russian attacks that are coming from bases inside Russia.” She emphasized that the US and its allies should provide more help to Ukraine in hitting Russian bases. “Those bases ought to be fair game, whether they are where missiles are being launched from or where troops are being supplied from,” she added.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron echoed similar sentiments, suggesting that Ukraine has the right to strike targets inside Russia with UK-provided weapons. This has led to heightened tensions, with Moscow warning that any such attacks would make British military assets fair game for retaliation.

Lobbying for Change

Ukrainian officials have reportedly been lobbying on Capitol Hill to pressure the White House to change its arms policy. They argue that Russia’s recent advances in the Kharkov Region were due to Kiev’s inability to deliver preemptive cross-border strikes. Nuland accused Moscow of escalating the conflict with its operations and claimed that Russian forces have already “flattened a third of Kharkov.”

Nuland’s reasoning is that allowing Ukraine to attack Russian bases would not be escalatory but rather a necessary measure to halt Russian aggression. This view, however, is not without its critics, who fear that such actions could lead to further escalation and broader conflict.

Our Take

Nuland’s proposal to allow Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia is a dangerous move that could escalate the conflict further. By advocating for the use of American weapons to hit Russian soil, she risks drawing the US deeper into the war. This could have severe consequences, including retaliation from Russia and a potential broader conflict.

The US has provided significant military aid to Ukraine, but it has done so with the understanding that these weapons would not be used to attack Russia directly. Changing this policy could undermine diplomatic efforts and lead to an unpredictable and volatile situation.

The lobbying efforts by Ukrainian officials on Capitol Hill highlight the pressure on the US to take a more aggressive stance. However, caution must be exercised to avoid actions that could escalate the conflict and endanger global security. The focus should remain on diplomatic solutions and supporting Ukraine in ways that do not provoke further aggression from Russia.

Victoria Nuland’s stance may appeal to those seeking a more robust response to Russian actions, but it is essential to consider the broader implications. Escalating the conflict is not in the best interest of the US, Ukraine, or the international community.

US foreign policy should prioritize stability and peace, avoiding steps that could lead to a wider and more destructive war. Allowing Ukraine to use American weapons to strike inside Russia is a risky proposition that could have dire consequences for global security.

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