World Bank Signs Treaty With Western Countries To Abolish Farming Because…Global Boiling

Written by David Carter.

The World Bank has announced a shocking new plan. They have issued a notice to western nations demanding the complete abolition of farming by the year 2030. This drastic step is part of their effort to achieve ‘net zero emissions.’ The plan involves shutting down farms worldwide and placing them under the control of a few WEF Young Global Leaders, including Bill Gates. These leaders will then change how food is grown radically.

According to the memo, eliminating traditional farming and reducing food production will help save the planet from ‘global boiling.’ Axel van Trostenburg from the World Bank claims, “While the food on your table may taste good, it is also a hefty slice of the climate change emissions pie.” He suggests that changing how middle-income countries use land for food production can cut emissions by a third by 2030.

The End of Traditional Farming

Instead of supporting diverse agricultural practices that family farmers have developed over centuries, the World Bank wants to eliminate agriculture entirely in some areas. This move is already being seen in the Netherlands and other parts of Western Europe. Now, the World Bank proposes even more reductions in agriculture, claiming that food production is contributing to climate change.

The World Bank insists that action should be taken globally to reach net zero emissions. They propose a comprehensive approach to reducing emissions in food systems, including fertilizers, energy, crop and livestock production, and packaging and distribution from farm to table. This one-size-fits-all solution ignores the fact that local ecosystems vary widely from place to place. However, the potential investment returns from their proposal are massive.

Financial Motivations

The World Bank states that annual investments must increase to $260 billion a year to cut agrifood emissions by half by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. They claim these investments would lead to over $4 trillion in benefits, including improvements in human health, food and nutrition security, better quality jobs and profits for farmers, and more carbon retained in forests and soils.

However, the greed and shortsightedness of these globalists could spell their own undoing. Once they run out of food, all the money they have amassed will be worthless because there will be no food left for them to buy. This plan not only threatens the livelihood of farmers but also puts the global food supply at risk.

Our Take

The World Bank’s plan to abolish farming is alarming. By placing control of food production in the hands of a few global leaders, they threaten the livelihood of countless farmers and the food security of billions. This move is not only impractical but also dangerous. It ignores the importance of local farming practices that have sustained communities for generations.

Furthermore, the financial motivations behind this plan are evident. The promise of $4 trillion in benefits reveals that this is more about profit than saving the planet. The globalists’ greed is driving them to implement policies that could lead to a food shortage, affecting everyone, including themselves.

The American public must be aware of these actions and their potential consequences. We need to support our local farmers and sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment and ensure food security. The World Bank’s plan is a threat to our way of life and must be opposed.

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