Alan Dershowitz “Truly Shocked” by Judge Merchan’s Erratic Behavior in Court (Video)

Written by David Thompson.

Retired Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz was in court recently when Judge Juan Merchan displayed unusual behavior. Dershowitz was taken aback when Judge Merchan accused Donald Trump’s witness attorney, Rob Costello, of looking at him with contempt. The judge’s reaction, according to Dershowitz, was unwarranted and displayed a thin-skinned attitude.

Dershowitz described how Judge Merchan lost his composure during the trial, acting more like a prosecutor than an impartial judge. Speaking to Sean Hannity, Dershowitz said, “I couldn’t believe it. Merchan kicked the reporters out as he behaved irrationally over nothing.” The incident left Dershowitz and others in the courtroom stunned.

The trial has been described as a “clown show” by those who believe it’s politically motivated. An army of angry Democrats seems determined to imprison Trump over a minor accounting issue related to the Stormy Daniels payment. Trump’s defense claims it was a legal expense recorded correctly, and Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, told the jury that Trump was unaware of the payment.

Dershowitz’s Eyewitness Account

Dershowitz shared his firsthand experience with Hannity. He explained that he had never seen anything like Judge Merchan’s behavior in all his years practicing law. “I sat in the front row, just feet away from where all the action occurred,” Dershowitz recounted. He noted that Costello acted like a normal witness, but the judge overreacted.

Judge Merchan’s actions, including kicking the media out of the courtroom, violated Trump’s constitutional right to a public trial. Dershowitz was puzzled by the judge’s sensitivity, recalling how the judge lectured Costello for allegedly looking at him contemptuously. “You have a constitutional right to roll your eyes and to stare at anybody. It was absurd!” Dershowitz exclaimed.

The situation reminded Dershowitz of a famous Mae West quote, where she humorously responded to a judge accusing her of contempt. Dershowitz suggested that Costello was trying to hide his contempt, but the judge’s thin skin led to a threat of striking Costello’s testimony.

Concerns Over Michael Cohen’s Testimony

Dershowitz wasn’t just shocked by Judge Merchan’s behavior; he also expressed concerns about Michael Cohen’s credibility as a witness. Cohen’s dishonesty, according to Dershowitz, could undermine the entire case against Trump. “Watching him give lie after lie was infuriating,” Dershowitz said. He highlighted Cohen’s inconsistent statements about accepting a pardon from Trump, pointing out that Cohen had previously stated he would do anything to avoid prison.

“There were so many lies!” Dershowitz exclaimed. He believes that Judge Merchan’s biased rulings and the dishonesty of the star witness have compromised the trial’s integrity. Dershowitz concluded by saying that the judge committed more reversible errors in one day than he had seen in years of practicing law.

Our Take

Judge Merchan’s conduct during this trial is deeply troubling. His biased behavior and overreaction to minor courtroom events reflect a lack of impartiality. This trial, which many see as politically motivated, underscores the importance of an unbiased judiciary. The American public deserves a fair legal process, not one marred by personal vendettas and political agendas.

The presence of a dishonest witness like Michael Cohen further damages the credibility of this trial. The justice system should not rely on individuals with questionable integrity. This case highlights the need for transparency and fairness in our courts. Politically motivated prosecutions erode public trust and undermine the principles of justice.

As this trial moves forward, it’s crucial to remember the values of impartiality and fairness that are supposed to guide our legal system. The actions of Judge Merchan and the use of dubious witnesses threaten these principles, which is why this trial is bad for the public. It sets a dangerous precedent for future cases and damages the integrity of our justice system.

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