Mom Pimped Out 12-Year-Old Daughter To Illegal Alien. Daughter Attacked.

Written by Nathaniel Carter.

In a shocking incident in Wisconsin, a 12-year-old girl escaped her captor and sought help from a stranger. Early Sunday morning, the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a man in Oakfield, Wisconsin, about 70 miles northwest of Milwaukee. The caller reported that a young girl had knocked on his door, seeking refuge from a man holding her captive in his vehicle.

The girl bravely recounted her harrowing experience to deputies. She stated that an adult male had bound and blindfolded her, attempting to assault her in the vehicle. Remarkably, she managed to escape and seek help. Fond du Lac County Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt commended the girl’s bravery, saying, “She’s a brave young lady.”

The investigation into her claims soon revealed a disturbing twist. The girl’s mother allegedly knew the suspect and facilitated the crime by accepting money in exchange for allowing the man to spend time alone with her daughter.

A Mother’s Betrayal

Sheriff Waldschmidt disclosed more unsettling details about the mother’s involvement. “We believe her mother actually transacted money with a male known to mom,” he stated. This male, identified as a 30- or 31-year-old Nicaraguan national in the U.S. illegally, paid the mother to spend time alone with the girl and then transported her to a remote area where he attempted to assault her.

The suspect’s true identity remains unclear due to his use of multiple aliases. However, authorities confirmed that he crossed the border from Mexico into Texas in October 2021. “At that time, he was apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, processed at a federal facility, and released from their custody with instructions to follow per current federal immigration policy,” Waldschmidt explained.

On Monday, the man was arrested in Fond du Lac without incident. The girl’s mother, whose immigration status is still being determined, was also taken into custody. Both face serious charges, including sexual assault of a child, false imprisonment, child human trafficking, and failure to protect a child.

The Larger Implications

The case has ignited a firestorm of controversy and calls for stricter immigration enforcement. Some believe that current federal immigration policies contributed to this horrific crime. Rep. Tom Tiffany, a Republican from a neighboring Wisconsin district, expressed his outrage on social media, tweeting, “Joe Biden is responsible for this.”

The Trump War Room echoed this sentiment, tweeting, “Biden did this.” These reactions highlight the deep political divide over immigration policy and the perceived consequences of lax enforcement.

The young girl and her three siblings have been placed into protective custody, ensuring their safety as the investigation continues. Authorities suggest that more arrests may follow as they uncover the full extent of this tragic situation.

Our Take

This distressing case in Wisconsin is a clear example of the consequences of poor immigration enforcement. From a politically conservative perspective, it emphasizes the urgent need for stricter immigration policies and better border control. The fact that the suspect entered the U.S. illegally and was released under current federal policy is deeply troubling.

Furthermore, the involvement of the girl’s mother in facilitating such a heinous act is appalling. This betrayal highlights the necessity of family integrity and the devastating impact when a parent fails to protect their child. The mother’s actions in this case are reprehensible, and she must be held accountable.

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