Watch Fatty Complain About Discrimination Because She Was Forced To Exercise (Walk) Off Plane

Written by Sarah Thompson.

Jae’lynn Cheney, a well-known obesity activist on TikTok, shared her frustration about an unpleasant experience at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Cheney, who has over 136,000 followers, claimed that an airline employee ignored her request for wheelchair assistance and forced her to walk a long jet bridge.

“I was then forced to walk up one of the longest jet bridges I’ve encountered, and she didn’t stop,” Cheney explained in her video. She described how difficult the experience was, stating, “By the time she let me reach the wheelchair and sit down, my lips were white, my oxygen levels had dropped, and I almost fainted.” This was her first time flying without oxygen, making the situation even more distressing.

Allegations of Discrimination

Cheney expressed shock and disappointment that the employee assumed she could walk and preferred not to push someone of her size. “This woman just assumed I could walk and would rather me do that instead of her having to push someone my size up the jet bridge,” she said. Cheney felt her needs were disregarded, unlike the other passengers who were wheeled up the jet bridge by their attendants.

She ended her video by accusing the airport of discrimination and urged her followers to sign her petition. The petition, which has garnered nearly 40,000 signatures, calls for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to mandate that airlines accommodate obese customers with larger seats, reimbursements for additional seats, and comprehensive employee sensitivity training.

Implications and Broader Context

Cheney’s demands, if implemented, would likely increase costs for already struggling airlines. These costs would inevitably be passed on to other customers. Additionally, accommodating heavier passengers adds to fuel costs and could potentially affect the plane’s balance and safety.

This incident comes in the wake of a recent mandate from the Transportation Department under Secretary Pete Buttigieg, which requires airlines to take extra care in transporting wheelchairs to prevent damage. Cheney had previously made headlines for advocating that the FAA use taxpayer dollars to cover the costs of additional seats for obese passengers. She also pushed for the requirement that new airplanes have at least one wheelchair-accessible restroom to “promote a more inclusive and accommodating travel experience.”

Our Take

While ensuring that all passengers, including those with obesity, have a comfortable and respectful travel experience is important, the demands made by Jae’lynn Cheney raise significant concerns. The financial burden placed on airlines to accommodate these requests could result in increased ticket prices for all passengers. Moreover, the logistical challenges of ensuring plane safety and balance should not be overlooked.

The push for larger seats and additional accommodations, while well-intentioned, must be balanced with practical considerations and the overall impact on the aviation industry. It’s crucial to find solutions that respect and include all passengers without unfairly burdening others or compromising safety. This incident highlights the need for a thoughtful and balanced approach to addressing the needs of diverse travelers in a way that ensures fairness and practicality for everyone involved.


Wasn’t sure when I’d share this, but staying silent isn’t an option anymore. If you’ve faced something similar, you’re not alone. Discrimination is real, and I don’t want anyBODY else to ever experience something like this. I don’t plan on stopping the fight for change in the travel industry and beyond. EveryBODY deserves respect and dignity, regardless of size, ability, or any other factor. Let’s stand together to ensure equality for all. ⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ #BodyEqualityInTravel #TravelForAll #AccessForAll #PlusSize #PlusSizeTravel #FlyingWhileFat #TravelingWhileFat #FlyingWhilePlusSize #PlusSizeTravelPetition

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