Biden Administration Targets Pro-Life Activists with FACE Act!

Written by Michael Thompson.

The Biden administration has intensified its efforts against those opposing abortion by filing a lawsuit against two pro-life organizations and seven activists. The lawsuit alleges that these individuals violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act during protests at abortion facilities in Ohio in June 2021. If convicted, the defendants could face significant fines, according to the Daily Wire.

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division stated, “Obstructing people from accessing reproductive health care and physically obstructing providers from offering it is unlawful. Congress passed the FACE Act 30 years ago this month in response to acts of violence, threats of violence and physical obstruction at reproductive health clinics in our country.”

The named defendants include Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Red Rose Rescue, Laura Gies, Lauren Handy, Clara McDonald, Monica Miller, Christopher Moscinski, Jay Smith, and Audrey Whipple. These individuals are accused of disrupting services at the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center (NOWC) in Cuyahoga Falls and Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio’s Bedford Heights Surgery Center (BHSC) on June 4, 2021.

Actions During the Protests

During the protests, the defendants reportedly positioned themselves in and around the abortion facilities. They sat, laid down, and kneeled in front of doors and walkways, urging women to reconsider their decision to terminate their pregnancies. Their actions led to police intervention and subsequent arrests for trespassing.

One of the defendants, Laura Gies, had previously expressed her desire to see abortion providers shut down. This intent was noted in the criminal complaint against her. The FACE Act, which they allegedly violated, was established to prevent the obstruction of access to reproductive health services, making their actions a focal point of the lawsuit.

The Justice Department is seeking significant penalties for the alleged violations. The defendants could face fines of up to $20,516 for the first violation and up to $30,868 for subsequent violations. Additionally, the DOJ is requesting that the defendants pay $5,000 in damages to individuals affected by their actions.

Historical Context and Implications

This lawsuit is not an isolated incident but part of a broader pattern of actions against pro-life advocates by the current administration. The DOJ has a history of targeting pro-life activists, admitting to these efforts openly. The FBI has also been involved, conducting raids on the homes of pro-life advocates under the guise of protocol.

The FACE Act was initially passed to address violence and threats at reproductive health clinics, but its application against peaceful protests raises concerns. The Biden administration’s aggressive stance against pro-life activists highlights a significant conflict over abortion rights and the limits of protest.

Our Take

The Biden administration’s use of the FACE Act to target pro-life activists is a concerning development. From a politically conservative perspective, this action represents an overreach of government power aimed at silencing opposition to abortion. The fines and legal actions are not just punitive but seem designed to intimidate and discourage peaceful protest.

Pro-life activists have long advocated for the protection of unborn lives, and their right to protest should be protected under the First Amendment. The aggressive tactics used by the DOJ and FBI against these activists are troubling and indicative of a broader attempt to suppress dissenting views on abortion.

The FACE Act, while intended to protect access to reproductive health services, should not be misused to stifle legitimate protest. The ability to protest and express opposition is a cornerstone of American democracy, and targeting individuals for exercising this right sets a dangerous precedent.

In this context, the actions of the Biden administration can be seen as part of a broader effort to enforce a particular ideological agenda. Such efforts to undermine pro-life advocacy not only violate fundamental freedoms but also deepen the divisions within our society.

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