Trump Fighting Fire With Fire! Watch Trump’s Plan to Ballot-Harvest!

Written by Emily Roberts.

At a rally in the Bronx, Donald Trump made it clear that blue-state Democrats should be worried. Eyeing a historic red wave, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee declared his intention to reclaim traditionally Democratic territories. The event marked a significant shift in strategy, aiming to secure a major victory in the upcoming elections.

The following day, during the North Carolina Republican convention in Greensboro, Lara Trump, co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), detailed the RNC’s new approach. She outlined plans to navigate the challenging electoral landscape, particularly in states with controversial and, at times, legally dubious voting rules. The RNC, under her leadership, aims to adopt strategies previously criticized by the MAGA movement to ensure victory.

Lara Trump emphasized the need to adapt to current electoral realities. “We can’t play the game the same way and think we’re going to win—we have to fight fire with dynamite,” she said. Joined by her husband, Eric Trump, she highlighted the necessity of this bold approach to overcome the systemic challenges posed by the Democrats.

Embracing Vote Banking

In states like North Carolina, where early voting begins two months before the election, vote banking has become a critical strategy. The state allows absentee ballot requests well in advance, with in-person voting starting on October 17. This extended voting period is something the RNC plans to leverage to its advantage.

Lara Trump urged supporters to vote early and secure their votes as soon as possible. “What Donald Trump has said—and what we are encouraging people to do as well—is any way you can vote, and as early as you can vote, get your vote banked,” she stated. The goal is to ensure that Republicans can enact legislation for stricter election integrity once they regain control.

She acknowledged the benefits of the extended voting period, provided that there are strict measures to ensure the integrity of the process. “We have to make it too big to rig in this election cycle, so we want you to go vote early—the very first day you can—and then we want you to work from that day, every single day up to Election Day taking people to the polling location,” she continued. The RNC plans to have observers at every step to prevent any irregularities.

Legal Ballot Harvesting: A New Frontier

Lara Trump introduced another controversial strategy: legal ballot harvesting. This practice, often associated with Democratic campaigns, involves collecting and submitting absentee ballots on behalf of voters. While it is illegal in some states, the RNC plans to use it wherever permissible.

“The Democrats have been doing something for years that we have never undertaken as a party, and that is legal ballot-harvesting,” she explained. “So, everywhere in this country we can legally ballot-harvest, look out for an operation headed up by the RNC. If they can do it, so can we, and we’re going to beat them at their own game.”

This strategy has raised eyebrows, especially in places like North Carolina, where ballot harvesting has a contentious history. In 2018, allegations of illegal ballot harvesting in a close congressional race led to a new election. Despite these challenges, the RNC is determined to use every legal tool at its disposal to secure votes.

Our Take

The RNC’s new strategies, as outlined by Lara Trump, mark a significant shift in Republican electoral tactics. From a politically conservative perspective, these measures are both necessary and overdue. The Democrats have long utilized early voting and ballot harvesting to their advantage. It’s high time the Republicans adapt and counter these strategies effectively.

The focus on vote banking and legal ballot harvesting represents a pragmatic approach to modern electoral battles. By encouraging early voting and ensuring the process is monitored meticulously, the RNC aims to prevent the sort of irregularities that have plagued past elections. Lara Trump’s emphasis on making the election “too big to rig” is a crucial aspect of restoring faith in the electoral process.

Moreover, the proactive stance against potential fraud and the adaptation to current voting laws highlight the RNC’s commitment to winning within the legal framework. This approach not only aims to secure a victory but also to implement future reforms that will strengthen election integrity.

However, the challenges are significant. The RNC must navigate a complex legal landscape, ensuring that all activities are within the bounds of the law while effectively countering Democratic strategies. The focus on voter engagement and mobilization will be crucial in this effort.

The strategies unveiled by the RNC are a necessary evolution in response to the current political climate. By adopting and adapting tactics traditionally used by Democrats, the Republicans are positioning themselves for a potentially historic victory. Ensuring the integrity of the process while maximizing voter turnout will be key to their success.

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