Video: Iranian Sleeper Cell Terrorists in U.S. Cities

Written by Sarah Mitchell.

Todd Bensman, a researcher with The Center for Immigration Studies, warns that Iranian secret agents from Unit 910 are already present in U.S. cities, poised for action upon receiving orders from Tehran. These operatives are heavily armed and equipped with target lists.

Do you really think China, Russia, North Korea, and other adversaries aren’t doing the same? Bensman testified, “China knows this administration tolerates mass illegal entry and asylum fraud. But the administration seems equally accommodating to a direct national security threat this human flow poses — China’s relentless economic and political espionage campaigns.”

Our enemies began infiltrating during the Bush and Obama administrations. In 2017, an Iranian strategist warned that sleeper cells existed in the U.S. President Biden then opened the borders, exacerbating the threat.

Venezuelan Asylum Fraud

Todd Bensman also discusses how Venezuelans exploit the U.S. asylum system. “Almost all Venezuelans are let into America on the assumption that they can’t return to Venezuela’s ruined economy and political dictatorship.”

However, mass fraud appears to underlie these numerous border entries. Many Venezuelans arriving now haven’t lived in Venezuela for years. “Many using the humanitarian claim do not come directly from Venezuela. They were living happily, comfortably, and prosperously in other countries for years at a time.”

These individuals aren’t fleeing persecution. They’re seeking a better lifestyle at American taxpayers’ expense. Why work when hardworking Americans can support you?

Implications for National Security

The presence of these clandestine agents poses a severe threat to national security. Bensman’s testimony highlights the administration’s lax approach to border security and its potential consequences. “China’s relentless economic and political espionage campaigns” exploit the same vulnerabilities that allow Iranian agents to infiltrate.

This issue isn’t limited to Iranian operatives. The broader problem involves various adversaries exploiting America’s open borders and asylum policies to further their agendas.

Our Take

The infiltration of Iranian agents and the exploitation of asylum policies by Venezuelans present significant threats to national security and economic stability. The current administration’s border policies and asylum system need urgent reform to protect American interests. Ignoring these threats not only endangers national security but also burdens taxpayers with the costs of supporting fraudulent asylum seekers.

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