Trudeau Approves Cheap Drowning Method in Canada for Euthanasia (Video)

Written by Matthew Carter.

In a shocking development, the Trudeau administration has authorized hospitals in Canada to use drowning as a “viable and cheap” method of euthanizing disabled patients. This new method is part of the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) program, which has sparked widespread outrage and ethical concerns.

In a recent interview, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson spoke with combat veteran Kelsi Sheren, who detailed the harrowing experiences of patients being waterboarded to death in Canadian hospitals. “What I found out yesterday that really bothered me was the mechanism of the actual procedure,” Sheren said, drawing parallels to Nazi Germany. “The reason people in Canada who are given MAiD seem peaceful is because they’re given a paralytic first so they’re completely paralyzed, then this drug is administered as one of the four and they start drowning to death.”

Expert Testimony and Ethical Concerns

Sheren cited Dr. Joel Zivot, an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Surgery at Emory University, who has been vocal about the dangers of MAiD. In February 2021, Zivot testified before the Canadian Senate, refuting the government’s claim that Midazolam, a drug used in MAiD, provides “relief from anxiety” and “comfort to the patient.” Instead, he asserted that “muscle relaxants when used in MAID will produce death by suffocation.”

Zivot’s testimony highlighted a significant ethical issue, comparing the MAiD protocol to lethal injection practices in the U.S. “The MAID protocol very likely causes lung congestion in a similar fashion to that which has been shown in over 200 cases of lethal injection in the U.S.,” he said. Sheren added that “85% of those bodies showed a two times level increase of water in the lungs,” suggesting that the procedure causes a form of drowning akin to waterboarding.

Public Outcry and Financial Motivations

Sheren revealed that Canadians undergoing MAiD could be internally drowning while paralyzed, contradicting the claim of a painless death. “Dying with Dignity says that this is a painless death,” she noted. “Well, if you take MAiD orally, it takes between 30 minutes to 24 hours. That’s 24 hours of active drowning while you’re under a paralytic.”

Sheren criticized the government for offering MAiD to veterans instead of treatment, accusing them of prioritizing cost savings over proper healthcare. “In 2021, they had a gross reduction in healthcare of $19.2 million,” she said. “When they did MAiD, they saved another $22 million. By the end of it all in that year, the healthcare system, just from doing MAiD instead of actually giving people palliative care, saved $86.9 million.”

Our Take

The approval of drowning as a method of euthanasia in Canada is deeply troubling. This practice not only raises significant ethical concerns but also reflects a disturbing prioritization of cost savings over humane treatment. The government’s approach to MAiD demonstrates a disregard for the dignity and well-being of its citizens. It is imperative to reconsider such policies and ensure that healthcare prioritizes life-affirming solutions over financial expediency.

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