Walgreens Exits New York City Amid Rising Thug Crime That’s Never Prosecuted! (Video)

Written by David Thompson.

Walgreens has announced its decision to leave New York City, citing rampant shoplifting as the primary reason. Professional criminals have become so bold that they now use blow torches to break into locked cabinets, making it nearly impossible for the store to operate safely.

In a revealing video, actor Michael Rapaport showcases the dire situation in a local Rite-Aid, where shelves are completely empty due to persistent theft. Despite claims from city officials that crime rates are down, the reality on the ground tells a different story. Thieves are released without consequences if they don’t physically harm anyone during their thefts.

The Impact of Unchecked Crime

The unchecked theft is devastating entire neighborhoods in an irreversible way. With dangerous individuals roaming free, the district attorney’s focus on convicting political opponents seems misplaced. Even the plastic bag ban exacerbates the problem, as guards can’t see through the bags people bring in, making it easier for thieves to steal.

Common sense would suggest that a masked individual carrying a large burlap bag might be up to no good. However, with theft effectively decriminalized and offenders only receiving tickets, there is little deterrent to prevent these crimes. The result is a city increasingly under the control of criminals, making it unsafe for businesses and residents alike.

The Broader Implications

The departure of Walgreens is just one symptom of a larger issue plaguing New York City. The lenient approach to theft has emboldened criminals, leading to widespread lawlessness. Businesses are struggling to survive in this environment, and the economic impact of these closures will be felt across the city.

With dangerous criminals now dictating the terms, the safety and well-being of New Yorkers are at risk. The city’s leadership must reassess its policies and prioritize the protection of its citizens and businesses. Failure to do so will only lead to further decline and a loss of confidence in the city’s ability to maintain order.

Our Take

The exodus of Walgreens from New York City is a stark reminder of the consequences of lenient crime policies. Allowing theft to go unpunished creates an environment where law-abiding citizens and businesses suffer. It’s imperative that city leaders take decisive action to restore law and order, ensuring the safety and prosperity of all New Yorkers.

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