Sec. Mayorkas Legalizes Illegal Immigration! (Video)

Written by Michael James.

The Biden administration has taken a new approach to illegal immigration. Now, if you enter through “legal pathways” they’ve established, you’re considered here legally. It’s a simple trick: illegal aliens can now just pass through these approved gateways, claim they face a credible threat, and they’re legal under this administration’s policies.

The Administration’s Goal

According to Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, “The goal here is to reduce the number of people who come to the southern border of the United States and cross illegally.” He added, “Our goal is to drive people who seek and need humanitarian relief into the lawful, safe, and orderly pathways that we have built, and so individuals who arrive at our border and cross illegally will be barred from asylum with exceptions.” These so-called exceptions, however, are so broad you could drive a car through them.

Exploiting Loopholes

One major exception is the illegal immigration of minors, a loophole that cartels exploit to traffic children for labor and sex. Mayorkas defends this by claiming adherence to “our values.” This administration seems to think the public won’t notice the consequences of these policies. It’s clear they expect us to accept their narrative without question.

Our Take

The policies set forth by the Biden administration, under the guidance of Secretary Mayorkas, are a grave misjudgment. By creating legal pathways that effectively legalize illegal immigration, they undermine the rule of law and encourage exploitation by criminal organizations. This approach risks national security and the well-being of vulnerable minors, prioritizing political agendas over public safety. It’s essential to recognize these policies for what they are: a misguided attempt to bypass established immigration laws, endangering both our borders and our values.

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