Breaking: Democrats Block Trump’s Secret Service Driver from Correcting Jan. 6 Testimony!

Written by John Anderson.

The January 6th Commission, dominated by Democrats, prevented former President Donald Trump’s Secret Service driver from refuting a false narrative about Trump’s behavior on that fateful day. The misleading story claimed Trump lunged at his security detail after being informed he wouldn’t be taken to the Capitol following the January 6, 2021, Stop the Steal rally.

This inaccurate account was delivered by Cassidy Hutchinson, a former staffer who became a key witness for the January 6 Committee. Her public testimony at a congressional hearing in June 2022 catapulted her into the spotlight and earned her a lucrative book deal. Hutchinson’s allegations, however, were immediately contested by Trump’s Secret Service driver, who sought to correct the record but was blocked from testifying by the Commission.

According to evidence provided by Rep. Barry Loudermilk, leading a House GOP investigation into January 6, the driver was eager to testify and debunk Hutchinson’s claims. Just the News reported that the Commission delayed his testimony for months, effectively silencing his rebuttal.

The Driver’s Silenced Testimony

Rep. Loudermilk revealed that the Secret Service driver had offered to testify under oath shortly after Hutchinson made her allegations, but the January 6 Commission ignored his request. “We discovered that the driver was willing to come forward and testify as early as a few weeks after Cassidy’s claims, but the select committee refused to bring them in,” Loudermilk explained to Just the News.

Loudermilk highlighted that the driver of the presidential limousine and the head of the protective detail were both ready to provide their testimony. However, they weren’t called to testify until November, long after Hutchinson’s narrative had been widely circulated. This delay prevented a timely and accurate account of the events from being presented to the public.

The House Administration’s Subcommittee on Oversight, chaired by Loudermilk, identified numerous inconsistencies in Hutchinson’s testimony. A March report from the subcommittee noted that Hutchinson had participated in three transcribed interviews with the Select Committee before significantly altering her story in a fourth interview.

Persistent Promotion of a False Narrative

Despite the contradictions and delayed testimony, the Democratic leadership continued to endorse Hutchinson’s version of events as factual. The Loudermilk report emphasized that Reps. Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney were aware that the Secret Service agent driving the SUV on January 6 directly contradicted Hutchinson’s claims. Nevertheless, her testimony was included in the Final Report and was presented as credible evidence.

The actions of the January 6 Commission raise serious questions about their commitment to uncovering the truth. By blocking the Secret Service driver from testifying promptly, they allowed a false narrative to take root and mislead the public. This deliberate suppression of evidence undermines the integrity of the investigative process and calls into question the motives behind such actions.

Our Take

The handling of the January 6 investigation by the Democratic-led Commission exemplifies a troubling disregard for truth and transparency. By blocking key testimony that could have refuted false allegations, they allowed a misleading narrative to dominate public discourse. This manipulation of information is detrimental to the public’s understanding of events and erodes trust in governmental processes. It is essential for all investigations, especially those of national significance, to prioritize accuracy and impartiality to ensure justice and public trust.

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