Female Hitler, Hillary Clinton, Compares Trump to Hitler in D-Day Post

Written by Caleb Parker.

On the anniversary of D-Day, Hillary Clinton seized the moment to criticize Donald Trump. In a provocative post on X, she subtly equated voting against Trump to the heroic efforts of soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy.

“Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy… This November, all we have to do is vote,” Clinton wrote.

Her comment drew immediate backlash, with many perceiving it as a disrespectful comparison to the sacrifices made during World War II.

Public Outcry and Backlash

Conservatives swiftly condemned Clinton’s post. Many felt it was an insult to the memory of those who fought in World War II. Fox News reported on the wave of criticism, highlighting the outrage from several public figures.

RedState writer Bonchie expressed his disgust, stating, “Just pure evil. Comparing the sacrifices of those who died to defeat Hitler and retake Europe to Democrats voting against Donald Trump. Sick and disgusting.”

Radio host Dana Loesch also voiced her anger. “In 2016 you attempted to undo everything they fought for by partnering with Fusion GPS to launder discredited oppo in the press, and merchandise it into surveillance warrants on enemies through FISA,” she wrote. “Were my WWII vet grandparents alive today they’d slam this.”

Social Media Reactions

The online community, especially conservative commentators, reacted strongly to Clinton’s post. The host of the “Ruthless” podcast, known as “Comfortably Smug,” didn’t hold back, “What kind of shameless, broken, lizard person do you have to be to tweet out some nonsense like this?”

He added sarcastically, “Yes, I know what it was like for those soldiers on Omaha beach ducking machine gun fire, I went to vote. I am braver than the troops.”

Combat veteran and author Sean Parnell expressed his deep disappointment, “Holy s*** I despise these people. It’s impossible to capture just how loathsome a comment this is. To cheapen what WWII heroes did to BS garbage politics makes me sick. Again, WWII veterans deserve so much better than this.”

InfoWars pointed out that while Clinton used the solemn occasion to attack Trump, the former president took the opportunity to honor US World War II veterans for their immense sacrifices.

Our Take

Clinton’s attempt to draw a parallel between voting and the D-Day landings is troubling. It diminishes the monumental bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers who fought on Normandy’s beaches. Such comments not only disrespect our history but also exploit it for political gain.

This behavior underscores a larger issue: the trivialization of historical events for contemporary political agendas. It’s a disservice to the memory of those who served and a poor reflection of current political discourse. The public deserves better from its leaders, who should strive to honor our past with the dignity it warrants, not twist it for cheap political points.

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