Media’s Desperate Spin on Biden’s Gaffes. Everything’s a “Cheap Fake!” (Video)

Written by Andrew Mitchell.

The media is pushing a narrative that any footage showing President Joe Biden in a confused or bizarre state is fake. According to a Grabien report, the media spent 49 hours in the past three days spreading stories about deep fakes.

One clip from a recent fundraiser showed Biden looking particularly disoriented. While this might have been slightly exaggerated, the media, along with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP), is using it to convince the public that none of these incidents are real. The narrative insists that Biden is sharp and fully in control.

The “Cheap Fake” Defense

“They are cheap fake videos,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed this week. “They are done in bad faith.” This is the strategy: don’t trust your own eyes. It’s a bold move, especially since it’s difficult to accept that Biden is the leader of the free world. He often appears as a forgetful elderly man who sometimes seems unaware of his surroundings.

In one clip, as someone walks behind Biden to prevent him from falling, he struggles to get into a van. Surely, this must be another cheap fake or deep fake. Could he move any slower while getting into the vehicle?

Biden’s Forgetful Moments

Another incident occurred at a White House event marking the 12th anniversary of Barack Obama’s DACA program. Biden forgot the name of his Homeland Security Secretary. “My name is Joe Biden,” he said. “I’m Jill Biden’s husband. And thanks to all the members of the Congress and Homeland Security — Secretary — I yuyuyuyuyuyuyu I’m not sure I’m going to introduce you all the way.”

Then he continued, “But all kidding aside, Secretary Mayorkas, as well as Secretary Becerra, advocates and families for law enforcement, faith leaders, everybody who is here.” The media narrative would have you believe he’s sharp, stately, and has a photographic memory.

Our Take

The media’s attempt to reframe Biden’s gaffes as fake videos is an alarming strategy to protect his image. This approach not only undermines public trust but also insults the intelligence of the American people. It is crucial to critically evaluate the information presented and demand accountability from our leaders.

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