Weird. Somehow Trump’s Felonies Traced Back to Biden’s Weaponization of Constitution! (Video)

Written by John Harrison.

A recent revelation has exposed a well-coordinated campaign aimed at preventing Donald Trump from returning to the presidency. This scheme, linked back to Joe Biden’s commitment to manipulate the U.S. Constitution, reveals a concerted effort to ensure Trump never takes office again.

On November 9, 2022, President Biden pledged to take actions beyond the electoral process to stop Trump’s reelection. In his own words, Biden declared, “We have to demonstrate that he WILL NOT take power — if he does run — by making sure he, under the legitimate efforts of the Constitution, DOES NOT become the next president again.” His statement marked the beginning of a strategic operation against Trump.

Just nine days later, on November 18, 2022, three significant events, all involving the White House, escalated this campaign against Trump, according to Breitbart. First, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of Jack Smith as special counsel. Smith, known for his bias against Trump, was tasked with investigating the former president.

The White House Connection: Meetings and Movements

While Garland made his announcement, another notable event unfolded. Nathan Wade, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s chief prosecutor, spent an extensive eight hours in the White House counsel’s office. Such a meeting is highly irregular, indicating Wade’s potential role as a key player in the effort to undermine Trump.

That same day, a surprising shift occurred involving Michael Colangelo, the Acting Associate Attorney General. Colangelo, one of the highest-ranking law enforcement officials, abruptly left his prestigious position to become an assistant prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The timing of his departure, closely aligned with the announcements and meetings on November 18, suggests a calculated move within this larger strategy.

Renewing the Witch Hunt

Colangelo’s unexpected transition to the Manhattan DA’s office coincided with a renewed assault on Trump. The news of Colangelo’s move became public on December 5, 2022, implying he likely gave his notice around November 18. This timing aligns perfectly with the other pivotal actions taken against Trump on that day.

Colangelo’s shift to a lower-profile role, despite the significant reduction in salary and prestige, raises questions. His new position appears to be part of the broader strategy to intensify the investigations and legal actions targeting Trump, further cementing the notion of a meticulously orchestrated plan.

Our Take

The revelation of these coordinated actions, stemming from Biden’s pledge, underscores a troubling misuse of power and political influence. It’s clear that these moves are part of a deliberate strategy to undermine a political opponent, bypassing the democratic process. This manipulation not only threatens the integrity of our legal and political systems but also sets a dangerous precedent for future administrations. The American public deserves transparency and fairness, not politically motivated witch hunts. This is a direct attack on the principles of justice and democracy that should concern every citizen.

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