Breaking: RINO and Former Speaker, Paul Ryan, was the First to Receive Steele Dossier! (Video)

Written by Michael Anderson.

It’s hardly surprising to hear that Paul Ryan allegedly received the Steele dossier before anyone else. From the outset, he’s appeared to undermine the America First movement, betraying his facade. His failure to alert key individuals, like Devin Nunez, is particularly egregious.

Kash Patel’s assertion adds weight to the claim. According to Patel, “The Steele dossier was handed to Paul Ryan’s Chief of Staff in 2016.” Instead of transparency, they opted for a vague and insipid response, essentially admitting in court that they possessed the dossier all along. Astonishingly, they failed to disclose this in 2016, 2017, or even 2018.

Bannon’s Disbelief and Patel’s Confirmation

Steve Bannon, incredulous, questioned Patel’s claims during a court proceeding. “Are you telling me and this audience that in a British court filing, Steele, under penalty of perjury, identified that Paul Ryan had the Steele dossier before he charged you guys, House Intel, to look into this, and he never informed Devin Nunez, the chairman of that? That’s impossible to believe. Are you sure about this?”

Patel’s response was unequivocal, “100% accurate.” The dossier’s handover to Ryan’s Chief of Staff and their subsequent obfuscation are facts that Patel stands by firmly. This level of deception is hard to fathom, but it underscores the extent of Ryan’s duplicity. The quintessential piece of evidence, obtained from the DOJ, included the FISA that was integral to the Steele dossier. Ryan’s resistance to declassifying this information now makes perfect sense; he had it all along.

The Cowardice of Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan’s reluctance to disclose the dossier’s existence reveals his true character. Fighting tooth and nail to keep it under wraps, he demonstrated a blatant disregard for transparency and accountability. Now, his motivations are clear. He had the dossier from the beginning and chose to keep it hidden, evading responsibility and betraying trust. His actions paint him not just as a fraud, but as a coward unwilling to face the consequences of his duplicity.

Ryan’s behavior throughout this saga is a testament to his lack of integrity. From withholding critical information to actively opposing the declassification of essential documents, he has consistently placed his interests above those of the public and his colleagues. Such actions are not just disappointing; they are a betrayal of the trust placed in him by his constituents and his country.

Our Take

Paul Ryan’s behavior in this matter is deeply troubling. His decision to withhold the Steele dossier and his subsequent resistance to declassifying relevant documents demonstrate a clear lack of integrity and transparency. This kind of conduct undermines public trust and erodes the foundations of our democratic processes. The American people deserve leaders who are honest and forthcoming, not ones who prioritize their interests over the truth. Ryan’s actions are a stark reminder of the need for accountability in our political system. If those in power cannot be trusted to act with integrity, the very fabric of our democracy is at risk.

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