Breaking Video: Major Terror Attack in the U.S. Coming Soon, Warns Green Beret!

Written by Matthew Thompson.

A former Green Beret has issued a grave warning, predicting a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil by 2025. Retired Lt. Col. Scott Mann, author of Operation Pineapple Express, attributes this looming threat partly to President Biden’s open border policies.

In a recent interview with Newsmax, Mann shared alarming information from his sources in Afghanistan. Speaking to host Robb Schmitt, he stated, “There’s a very, very imminent attack on the horizon and a lot of activity below the surface inside Afghanistan.” Mann explained that Afghanistan has become the world’s largest safe haven for launching attacks against the West, specifically targeting the United States.

Mann was involved in Task Force Pineapple, a volunteer group of U.S. veterans dedicated to evacuating American citizens and Afghan allies after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan. His experience and connections lend weight to his warnings about the current situation.

Criticism of U.S. Intelligence and Policy Failures

Mann sharply criticized the U.S. intelligence community and political leaders for allowing a return to conditions similar to those preceding the 9/11 attacks. These conditions, he argues, have led to increased domestic surveillance and the global “War on Terror.”

“We’ve been here before,” Mann stated. “We experienced this before. We swore ‘Never Again’ on 9/11 and spent 20 years building an intelligence capability and a partner capability inside Afghanistan to deal with this.” He emphasized that the withdrawal from Afghanistan under President Biden left behind billions of dollars in military equipment and weaponry, creating a renewed terror threat.

Mann lamented the loss of intelligence capability after the U.S. abandoned Afghanistan. “On August 15, three years ago, we just walked away from it and abandoned 98% of our intelligence capability. We’ve left it on that battlefield,” he said. Mann’s concern is that the current situation mirrors the pre-9/11 environment, with the threat levels alarmingly high.

Veteran Insights and Government Inaction

Mann highlighted that the most accurate threat assessments are now coming from veterans rather than government agencies. “Now for these striking revelations to come from these senior leaders that the dashboard is blinking red, yeah it is and it has been for some time, ever since we left there,” Mann explained. He pointed out that veterans have a clear understanding of the threats, while traditional intelligence agencies seem preoccupied with other issues.

He criticized the U.S. intelligence community for allegedly using its vast powers to target American citizens based on their religious beliefs or political affiliations. Mann’s comments suggest that the intelligence apparatus might be misallocating its resources, potentially leaving the country vulnerable to external threats.

Our Take

The prediction of a major terrorist attack by 2025 is deeply concerning. Mann’s insights highlight significant policy and intelligence failures that need urgent attention. The current focus of intelligence agencies on domestic issues, rather than external threats, could have dire consequences. It is crucial for the government to reassess its priorities and address these vulnerabilities to ensure national security.

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