Trump Urges Christians to Vote, Advocates for Ten Commandments in Schools

Written by Daniel Roberts.

Donald Trump addressed a gathering of evangelicals, urging them not to sit out the 2024 election. He passionately asked, “Go and vote, Christians, please!” Trump emphasized the importance of their participation, stressing the need for their votes to ensure a favorable outcome in the upcoming election.

During his speech in Washington, Trump also endorsed the display of the Ten Commandments in schools and other public places. He received cheers when he mentioned a new law in Louisiana requiring the Ten Commandments to be displayed in every public school classroom. “Has anyone read the ‘Thou shalt not steal’? I mean, has anybody read this incredible stuff? It’s just incredible,” he said at the Faith & Freedom Coalition event. Trump criticized those opposed to this initiative, calling the opposition “crazy.”

A day earlier, Trump had posted his support for the new law on his social media platform, stating, “I LOVE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PRIVATE SCHOOLS, AND MANY OTHER PLACES, FOR THAT MATTER. READ IT — HOW CAN WE, AS A NATION, GO WRONG???” His endorsement aims to energize his religious right supporters, a group that has been steadfast in backing him.

Championing Religious and Pro-Life Causes

Trump’s speech also touched on the issue of abortion, a key concern for many of his supporters. While some in the pro-life movement want him to take stronger actions against abortion, they still view him as a significant ally due to his role in appointing Supreme Court justices who overturned national abortion rights in 2022. “We did something that was amazing,” Trump remarked, noting that the decision on abortion would now be left to individual states.

He encouraged voters to follow their conscience on the issue but reminded them of the importance of winning elections. “Every voter has to go with your heart and do what’s right, but we also have to get elected,” he said. According to AP VoteCast, about 8 in 10 white evangelical Christian voters supported Trump in 2020, and nearly 4 in 10 Trump voters identified as white evangelical Christians, who made up about 20% of the overall electorate that year.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition plans to mobilize support for Trump and other Republicans by organizing volunteers and paid workers to canvass millions of doors in battleground states. This grassroots effort aims to ensure strong voter turnout among their base.

Addressing Crime and Rallying in Philadelphia

On the same day, Trump held a rally in Philadelphia, focusing heavily on the issue of violent crime. Speaking to supporters at an arena, he pledged to grant police officers immunity from prosecution to combat crime more effectively. “Under Crooked Joe, the City of Brotherly Love is being ravaged by bloodshed and crime,” he said. “We will surge federal law enforcement resources to the places that need them most.”

Tyler Cecconi, a 25-year-old from Richmond, Virginia, expressed his approval of Trump’s outreach efforts, especially in areas not traditionally supportive of him. “He’s showing the people that regardless if you vote for him or not, or if it’s a blue county or a red county, it doesn’t matter to him,” Cecconi said. “A president is for everybody in this country.”

Dave McCormick, the GOP Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, also attended the rally. He joined Trump on stage to discuss economic issues and immigration, further rallying the crowd with messages on these critical topics.

Our Take

Trump’s appeal to Christian voters and his endorsement of religious symbols in public spaces resonate with a significant portion of the electorate. His focus on traditional values and law enforcement highlights the key issues for his base. However, these actions also deepen the ideological divide in the country. The emphasis on religious and conservative values may alienate some voters, while energizing others who feel these issues are paramount.

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