WTF? Biden Ordered Amazon to Destroy Books Criticizing COVID “Vaccine.”

Written by Michael Harris.

In a controversial move, the Biden administration allegedly directed Amazon to destroy books that questioned the safety of experimental mRNA Covid vaccines. According to evidence presented by the House Judiciary Committee and the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, documents reveal that Amazon reduced the visibility of titles deemed overly critical of the vaccines.

The documents indicate that some of these books were written by medical professionals and included reviews of scientific studies. The federal government compiled a “Do Not Promote” list, adding over 40 titles to it. This list included books generally critical of vaccines, not just those addressing Covid vaccines specifically.

Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan shared internal emails from Amazon, revealing that the request to suppress these books stemmed from criticism by the Biden administration. Even a children’s book, considered too supportive of the unvaccinated, was targeted.

Censorship Claims and the Impact on Free Speech

In a series of posts on social media platform X, Rep. Jim Jordan highlighted the administration’s actions. “Don’t let the Biden Admin tell you that their censorship campaign was about concerns of misinformation going viral on social media,” Jordan wrote. He urged the public to see the broader implications: “They were going after BOOKS too. This is—and always has been—about suppressing disfavored views, not purported challenges of new technologies.”

This situation underscores a significant irony. The Biden administration has often accused Republicans of attempting to ban books, particularly in cases where figures like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis opposed school libraries carrying sexually explicit content aimed at children. Meanwhile, the administration was actively working to censor books for adults that criticized vaccine safety.

The implications of this controversy extend beyond the issue of vaccine criticism. It raises questions about the limits of free speech and the role of government in regulating information. The suppression of these books by the federal government, if proven true, represents a significant overreach and an attempt to control public discourse.

Government’s Role in Controlling Public Discourse

The Biden administration’s actions suggest a concerted effort to control the narrative surrounding vaccine safety. By targeting books that challenge the mainstream narrative, the government may have overstepped its bounds. This raises concerns about the balance between protecting public health and preserving the right to free speech.

The suppression of dissenting voices is a troubling trend. In a democratic society, diverse viewpoints should be allowed to flourish, even if they challenge the prevailing wisdom. The actions of the Biden administration, as revealed by these documents, indicate a willingness to stifle debate and suppress information that could lead to a more informed public.

The impact on authors and readers is profound. By removing or reducing the visibility of these books, the government effectively limits access to information and restricts the ability of individuals to make informed decisions. This kind of censorship undermines the principles of a free society and erodes trust in government institutions.

Our Take

The Biden administration’s alleged censorship of books critical of vaccines is deeply troubling. This move appears to be an attempt to control the narrative and suppress dissenting opinions. In a country that values free speech and open debate, such actions are unacceptable. The public deserves access to a wide range of information, especially on critical issues like public health. The government’s role should be to facilitate informed discussion, not to dictate what viewpoints are allowed.

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