The Obama’s are Concerned About Biden’s Re-election Campaign

Written by David Thompson.

Former President Barack Obama is reportedly anxious about President Joe Biden’s chances in the upcoming election. According to New York Magazine, Obama has been holding secret meetings with Biden’s campaign team to strategize on how to defeat former President Donald Trump.

Obama believes the race between Biden and Trump will be extremely close. Although he has avoided publicly criticizing Biden’s campaign, he agrees with other top Democrats that Biden has mishandled his reelection bid. To make up for lost ground, Obama has advised Biden’s team to triple its digital budget and hire tech experts to enhance Biden’s online presence. Additionally, he recruited director Steven Spielberg to help produce Biden’s convention programming.

A close friend of the Obamas indicated that while Obama’s anxiety about the election is real, it’s not a reflection of any specific concerns about Biden or his team. Instead, it stems from the broader reality of a closely divided country, a fractured media landscape, and the real possibility of a Trump victory.

Michelle Obama’s Reluctance to Campaign

Amid rumors of tensions between the Obama and Biden families, former First Lady Michelle Obama has so far refused to campaign for President Joe Biden. Axios reported that Michelle has avoided the Biden campaign due to the family’s treatment of her friend, Kathleen Buhle, after her messy divorce from Hunter Biden.

Michelle and Buhle became friends during Michelle’s time in the White House. In her memoir, The Light We Carry, Michelle wrote about their regular morning walks. However, comments made during Hunter Biden’s recent trial suggest that Buhle has been largely ostracized by the Biden family. As a result, Michelle’s relationship with the Bidens has become increasingly strained, even as Barack Obama continues to campaign for his former VP.

In 2020, Michelle initially avoided participating in Biden’s campaign but was eventually persuaded by Democratic officials that the stakes were too high, with Trump posing a significant threat. She ultimately supported Biden through social media and her non-profit, When We All Vote. To quell current speculation about tensions, Michelle’s spokesperson, Crystal Carson, stated that Michelle supports Biden’s 2024 White House bid and denied rumors of conflict.

Biden’s Cognitive Decline and Growing Concerns

President Biden’s cognitive decline has become more pronounced, particularly following the felony conviction of his son Hunter. This has led to increasing doubts, even among Democrats, about Biden’s ability to make it to the final stretch of the campaign. In a symbolic moment, Obama had to help Biden off the stage after he froze up during a recent Hollywood fundraiser.

The 81-year-old Biden’s health issues and the ongoing legal troubles of his son have fueled speculation about a potential replacement on the ticket. Michelle Obama has been considered one of the most viable candidates to replace him, although she has consistently denied any interest in campaigning.

Despite these challenges, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates emphasized that the Obama and Biden families are close. He dismissed the rumors, saying, “Whomever made these claims about that relationship isn’t familiar with it.”

Our Take

The involvement of former President Obama in Biden’s campaign underscores the challenges faced by the current administration. Biden’s cognitive decline and the legal issues surrounding his son have raised serious concerns about his viability as a candidate. Michelle Obama’s reluctance to campaign further complicates the situation. The Democrats need to address these issues promptly to present a united front in the upcoming election.

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