For “Democracy,” Leftists Want to Cancel Election and Target Trump!

Written by Michael Thompson.

In a shocking turn, far-left activists with ties to the Democratic Party and Barack Obama have suggested an extreme strategy for President Joe Biden: cancel the 2024 presidential election and order the assassination of Donald Trump. These proposals surfaced on Twitter following the Supreme Court’s ruling that presidents have absolute immunity from prosecution for acts committed as part of their official duties.

Aaron Rupar, a leftist blogger with over 900,000 followers on Twitter, posed the question, “So if Joe Biden declared today that November election is canceled and order the military to keep him in power, would that be an ‘official act’?” This comment, while hypothetical, has sparked widespread outrage and debate.

Influencers Push Dangerous Ideas

Social media influencer Harry Sisson took the discussion further, suggesting that Biden should use the military to eliminate Trump. “According to the Supreme Court, Biden could now send in Seal Team 6 to take all of them out,” Sisson tweeted, garnering over 5.3 million views. “He could send in the military to take out Trump. He has ‘immunity’ for official acts now!”

Despite the Supreme Court ruling, which does not imply presidential immunity from murder, the inflammatory rhetoric has drawn severe backlash. Trump campaign manager Chris LaCivita responded to Sisson’s tweet with a foreboding, “Expect a visit….”

Sisson, who collaborated with Obama on a get-out-the-vote TikTok video, has also been involved in a White House-led initiative to promote Biden’s talking points on social media. His influence and connections add weight to his controversial statements, raising concerns about the potential impact on public discourse.

Legal Experts and Public Reactions

Other prominent figures have joined the fray, suggesting similarly drastic actions. Dash Dobrofsky, with over 442,000 followers, urged Biden to do whatever “official acts” necessary to prevent Trump from becoming president. Dobrofsky also called for an executive order to prohibit convicted felons from running for president.

Attorney Bradley P. Moss, with over 218,000 followers, claimed, “The Supreme Court just gave Biden unequivocal immunity to order the military to take action against Trump. Today. Right now.” This statement, however, misinterprets the court’s ruling, which did not grant such sweeping powers.

The Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision, with the leftist justices dissenting, affirmed that a sitting president has immunity from prosecution for acts within their official duties. Yet, the ruling does not cover actions like ordering extrajudicial killings or canceling elections.

Our Take

The radical suggestions from far-left activists to cancel the election and target political opponents are deeply troubling. Such rhetoric undermines the democratic principles and legal standards that are the foundation of our society. It’s essential for public figures and influencers to act responsibly and promote constructive dialogue, rather than inciting violence and spreading misinformation. The health of our democracy depends on maintaining respect for the rule of law and the electoral process.

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