WTF? Bankrupt Rudy Giuliani Disbarred in New York for Role in 2020 Election!

Written by Matthew Collins.

Rudolph Giuliani, former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor, has been officially disbarred in New York State for his involvement in challenging the 2020 election results. The New York Appeals Court in Manhattan ordered Giuliani to be “disbarred from the practice of law, effective immediately,” with his name removed from the roll of attorneys in the state, according to the Associated Press.

Giuliani’s son, Andrew, criticized the decision on social media, accusing President Joe Biden and Democrat operatives of using the justice system to attack political opponents. “Rudy Giuliani, the most important change agent in the history of New York City, has been disbarred,” Andrew wrote. “Joe Biden and his leftist flunkies are simply tyrannical. They will stop at nothing to hold on to power.”

Legal Troubles for Giuliani and Trump’s Allies

Rudy Giuliani had already faced suspension of his law license pending a final resolution. Another former Trump lawyer, John Eastman, also lost his license despite not being found guilty of any crime. Eastman, a respected legal scholar and former California attorney general candidate, was disbarred in California.

The aggressive legal actions against Trump and his allies, particularly in New York, appear to be part of a broader strategy to use the justice system against them. Trump himself has faced three major trials in New York, all based on questionable evidence, resulting in significant legal consequences.

Giuliani has been named a criminal defendant in at least two trials connected to the 2020 election. In Arizona, officials served him papers on his 80th birthday, charging him with election-related crimes. Additionally, a Washington, D.C., judge ruled against him in a defamation case involving two Georgia election workers, forcing Giuliani into bankruptcy and imposing a $150 million judgment.

Giuliani’s Legacy and Legal Battles

As a legal advisor and attorney for former President Donald Trump, Giuliani played a pivotal role in challenging the 2020 election results. He led press conferences and mounted legal challenges across the country, questioning the integrity of the election process.

Giuliani’s career is marked by his historic role in dismantling the Mafia in New York City as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Later, he became known as “America’s Mayor” for his leadership in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

Our Take

Rudy Giuliani’s disbarment highlights the intense political climate and the use of the legal system as a tool against political opponents. While holding individuals accountable is crucial, the perception of bias and the targeting of specific political figures can undermine public trust in the judicial system. Ensuring fair and impartial justice is essential for maintaining the integrity of our legal institutions. Giuliani’s legacy as a crime-fighter and his recent legal battles illustrate the complex intersection of law, politics, and public perception.

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