Hysterical! MSNBC Suggests Biden’s Staff Should Answer Debate Questions! (Video)

Written by John Harrison.

In a surprising suggestion, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell has proposed that President Joe Biden’s staff should join him on stage during the second presidential debate to handle questions he finds challenging. O’Donnell insists this isn’t due to Biden’s apparent cognitive issues but rather a reflection of how government functions, where a president relies on expert advisors for detailed answers.

O’Donnell’s recommendation comes amidst increasing concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities. Critics argue that having staff answer debate questions could undermine the democratic process and the public’s ability to assess a candidate’s competence. Nonetheless, O’Donnell defends his stance, claiming it mirrors the collaborative nature of governmental decision-making.

This proposal has sparked a debate about transparency and the role of advisors in political discourse. While some see it as a practical approach to ensure accurate information, others view it as an attempt to shield Biden from scrutiny.

Internal Party Pressures Mount

Amidst these discussions, senior Democrats are reportedly urging Biden to reconsider his candidacy. During a private call led by Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, notable figures like Reps. Jerry Nadler, Adam Smith, Mark Takano, and Joe Morelle voiced their concerns about Biden’s lagging approval ratings and the implications for the upcoming election.

Politico reveals that these calls for Biden to step aside follow an interview with ABC News, which failed to reassure party members about his campaign’s viability. Lawmakers are pressing for more spontaneous public appearances from Biden to showcase his vitality and counteract perceptions of decline.

The pressure isn’t limited to the House. Senate Democrats, led by Sen. Mark Warner, are also contemplating Biden’s future, reflecting a growing unease within the party. Publicly, only a few have urged Biden to step down, but many are reportedly worried behind the scenes about his capacity to lead a successful campaign.

Democratic Concerns and Reactions

Biden’s recent performance during the ABC News interview, where he claimed that only “the Lord almighty” could push him out of the race, has further fueled Democratic frustrations. Sen. Peter Welch emphasized the urgency of the situation on MSNBC, arguing that the decision about Biden’s candidacy should be based on political realities rather than divine intervention.

Amid these tensions, Jeffries posted a Bible verse on social media, subtly alluding to the ongoing debate within the party. His message encouraged resilience, perhaps reflecting the broader uncertainty and division among Democrats regarding Biden’s future.

As the party navigates this challenging period, the question remains whether Biden can effectively counter these concerns and demonstrate his readiness for another term. The suggestion that his staff should handle debate questions underscores the critical issues at stake and the delicate balance the Democratic Party must maintain.

Our Take

The idea of allowing President Biden’s staff to answer debate questions is deeply concerning. It undermines the transparency and accountability that are essential in a democratic process. Voters deserve to hear directly from the candidates, not their advisors. This suggestion seems to highlight more significant issues within Biden’s campaign and raises doubts about his ability to lead effectively. The Democratic Party must prioritize genuine leadership and clear communication to maintain public trust.

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