Daily Wire Axes Owens Over, “Christ is King” Declaration

Written by Elizabeth Clark.

In a stunning development within the conservative media sphere, Candace Owens has been terminated from The Daily Wire. The cause, according to a bombshell leak from sources within the company, was her expression of the phrase “Christ is King,” which leadership allegedly deemed antisemitic.

Inside the Impromptu Town Hall

The controversy came to light following an “Impromptu Town Hall” convened by Jeremy Boreing, CEO of The Daily Wire, in Owens’ studio space. This meeting, reportedly aimed at justifying Owens’ dismissal to the staff, was described by attendees as a heavy-handed attempt to paint Owens in a negative light, equating her Christian expression with antisemitism.

The Allegations Unfold

The claim centers around Owens’ repeated use of “Christ is King,” a statement that came under scrutiny as far back as November during a leaked meeting with Ben Shapiro, who criticized Owens for not being sufficiently Pro-Israel. Further, comparisons were drawn between Owens and controversial figures like Nick Fuentes, using the shared phrase to suggest a link to antisemitism.

Employee Backlash and Legal Threats

Following the Town Hall, a faction of The Daily Wire employees has reportedly considered legal action against the company, citing an environment of intimidation and a perceived attack on Christian values. The notion that “Christ is King” could be interpreted as antisemitic has particularly alarmed Christian staff members, prompting them to consult with attorneys.

A Rising Tide of Support for Owens

This incident has sparked outrage among Owens’ supporters and critics of The Daily Wire, who see the action taken against her as an unjust affront to freedom of expression and Christian belief. Calls for boycotts of The Daily Wire subscriptions and support have emerged, underscoring the deep divide this event has created within the conservative community.

Our Take

The termination of Candace Owens from The Daily Wire over her affirmation that “Christ is King” raises profound concerns about the state of free speech and religious expression within conservative circles. At a time when the cultural and political left increasingly seeks to silence conservative and Christian voices, it is particularly disheartening to see such disputes emerging among supposed allies. This incident not only highlights the tensions within conservative media over issues of faith and geopolitics but also serves as a reminder of the challenges facing individuals who wish to openly express their religious convictions. As this situation unfolds, it will be crucial for the conservative movement to reaffirm its commitment to the principles of free expression and religious liberty, ensuring that voices like Owens’ are not marginalized or silenced.

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