Lawless: Biden to Try to Cancel Student Loan Debt for Millions, Despite Supreme Court Ruling

Written by Jacob Miller.

Biden’s administration is setting the stage to announce a groundbreaking plan aimed at eliminating or significantly reducing the student loan debts for countless Americans. This initiative represents a bold second effort by Biden to use his executive powers to address the financial burden of student loans, following a previous attempt that was halted by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court’s Previous Stand

Last year, Biden’s first endeavor to cancel up to $20,000 in student loans for individuals earning under $125,000 was struck down by the Supreme Court. Critics argue that this decision showcased the court’s unwillingness to support what they view as necessary relief for overburdened borrowers.

Biden’s Unwavering Commitment

Undeterred, Biden plans to reveal his latest strategy in Madison, Wisconsin, a city known for its progressive educational community. Despite anticipated legal challenges, the administration hopes the courts will permit the implementation of the debt forgiveness program during the legal review process. This move could potentially provide Biden with political leverage, despite accusations of overstepping legal boundaries.

A Path to Relief

The proposed plan outlines several criteria for debt relief eligibility, such as financial hardship, excessive debt compared to income, longstanding debt that has ballooned due to interest, and eligibility for other federal relief programs that have not been utilized. This approach could offer a lifeline to millions of borrowers seeking a way out of their financial quagmire.

The Opposition Gears Up

Critics, including prominent figures like Austin Knudsen and Ashley Moody, argue that Biden’s plan is a transparent attempt to sidestep the Supreme Court’s authority and secure votes, all while disregarding the principle of separation of powers. They highlight the unfairness to taxpayers and the potential violation of legal norms.

A Race Against Time

The administration is navigating the complexities of the Higher Education Act to expedite the regulation change. By engaging stakeholders in a series of discussions and utilizing the feedback to shape the regulations, Biden aims to provide relief before the impending election, despite potential bureaucratic delays.

Our Take

Despite the Supreme Court’s skepticism and the criticism from opposition voices, Biden’s initiative represents a crucial effort to alleviate the financial burden of student loans for millions of Americans. While questions about its legality and fairness persist, the potential to offer significant relief to borrowers cannot be overlooked. This approach underscores a commitment to address an issue that has long plagued students and graduates alike, demonstrating a prioritization of educational accessibility and financial relief over political and legal obstacles.

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