Hispanic Viciously Attacks Elderly Trump Supporter in New Jersey!

Written by Christopher Taylor.

Rocky Granata, a 64-year-old from New Jersey known for his Trump RV, was viciously attacked with a sledgehammer, resulting in critical injuries.

A Devoted Supporter Targeted

Rocky Granata, an Edison resident, who showed his support for Trump by traveling and rallying in a themed RV, faced a brutal assault. This attack has shocked the community and raised concerns about political violence.

Critical Condition After the Attack

Granata, after being attacked with a sledgehammer, suffered severe head injuries. He was urgently airlifted to a hospital, fighting for his life in critical condition.

The Assault

The incident occurred at Crown Tire on Route 36 in Port Monmouth. Witnesses quickly detained the attacker, Michael Gonzales, 36, from Philadelphia, leading to his arrest and charge of attempted murder.

Immediate Response

Thanks to the quick action of bystanders, Gonzales was apprehended at the scene. However, the severity of Granata’s injuries necessitated immediate helicopter transport to Jersey Shore University Medical Center for critical care.

Our Take

This heinous attack on Rocky Granata, a man simply expressing his political support, highlights a disturbing rise in political violence that cannot stand. It’s a stark reminder of the importance of respecting differing opinions and resolving conflicts without resorting to violence. The courage and quick thinking of the witnesses who detained the attacker show the strength of our community in the face of adversity. As we pray for Granata’s recovery, let’s also reflect on the values of tolerance and respect that are the bedrock of our nation.

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