Video: Cartels Own US Border, Says Border Agent

Written by Ethan Carter.

A border agent has sounded the alarm: cartels now control significant stretches of the US-Mexico border. This startling revelation comes as illegal migrants cross into the US, often with ease and a sense of victory, under the watchful eyes of scouts and coyotes employed by these powerful cartels.

An Alarming Trend

Cartel Dominance on US Territory

The situation on the ground in places like Sunland Park, New Mexico, paints a bleak picture of the challenges facing border enforcement. Fox News correspondent Matt Finn’s firsthand account reveals a startling reality: territories within the United States where the law seems to have no reach, effectively ceded to the cartels. Finn’s encounters with illegal migrants and the cartel operatives guiding them underscore the operational control these criminal organizations wield over vast areas of the border.

The Business of Illegal Crossing

The boldness with which these groups operate, Finn notes, is indicative of a well-oiled machine. Scouts and coyotes, some masked, navigate the terrain with impunity, directing migrants through breaches in border defenses. These incidents are not isolated but part of a systematic effort by the cartels to exploit and profit from the porous nature of the US-Mexico border. The audacity of migrants demanding passage and leveling accusations of racism against those who challenge them further illustrates the emboldened state of illegal immigration.

Our Take

This situation is unacceptable and a clear indication that the US government must take decisive action to regain control of its borders. The sovereignty of a nation begins with the integrity of its borders, and when parts of our territory are effectively under the control of foreign criminal organizations, it’s a stark reminder that our current border policies are failing. It’s time for a comprehensive strategy that addresses the root causes of illegal immigration, strengthens border security, and dismantles the cartels’ operational networks. Only through a combination of physical barriers, technological surveillance, and international cooperation can we hope to restore order and ensure the safety and security of American citizens. The battle for our border is not just about immigration; it’s about the very sovereignty and safety of our nation.

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