Video: Sean “Diddy” Combs Former Body Guard – Sickening Child Sex Tapes Involving Elites Given to FBI!

Written by Michael Smith.

Gene Deal, a former bodyguard for Sean “Diddy” Combs, has recently shed light on the shocking behaviors and gatherings hosted by Combs, revealing attendance by high-profile figures including politicians, celebrities, and royalty. These events have been described as places where the elite could indulge in their most unsavory desires, involving minors and young stars in situations of coercion.

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The environment for these activities was meticulously controlled, with surveillance equipment placed throughout the properties. Deal’s revelations include the existence of incriminating footage involving notable individuals in Hollywood and politics, now allegedly in federal possession. This scenario echoes the mysterious death of a financier under similar, suspicious conditions, suggesting a deeper, more sinister network.

Following these allegations, there’s a scramble among some of the most influential figures feared to be implicated, especially with federal efforts to access Combs’ private jet records, hinting at a vast sex trafficking investigation.

Rodney Jones, a producer, has filed a lawsuit claiming Combs leveraged his connections, including those with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Prince Harry, to organize these notorious gatherings where abuses reportedly took place.

In an interesting turn, Combs’ ex-girlfriend is purportedly assisting federal investigations, supporting previous accusations against him of rape and trafficking. This situation has drawn media attention, highlighting Combs as a central figure in a scandal that extends far beyond him, revealing a much darker underbelly of elite society.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously alerted to an agenda by the global elite to mainstream pedophilia, an assertion seeming more plausible as more information surfaces about the private dealings of the influential.

This saga includes Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, noted associates of internationally infamous pedophiles, and revelations about royal efforts to quash allegations. The involvement of compromised world leaders, including Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, points to a broader issue of manipulation by global powers.

The World Economic Forum’s recent suggestion to classify pedophiles as a protected group under LGBTQ+ highlights a disturbing trend towards normalizing pedophilia, facilitated by public figures like Oprah, who’s accused of subtly eroding traditional values. This unfolding story suggests a profound and troubling collusion among the elite to protect their own at the expense of the innocent.

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