Biden’s Economic Mirage Hides The Real Job Crisis

Written by Andrew Johnson.

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address painted a rosy picture of the U.S. job market, boasting about the creation of 15 million new jobs. Yet, a closer look reveals a starkly different reality: a surge in part-time work, an increase in government positions, and a significant drop in employment for native-born Americans.

The Truth Behind the Numbers

Contrary to Biden’s claims, the so-called job boom is largely made up of part-time positions and roles within the government sector. This shift points to a job market in recession for American citizens, contradicting the administration’s narrative of a post-COVID recovery.

Population vs. Employment Growth

Analyzing job growth in relation to population increases further debunks the administration’s success story. With the civilian non-institutional population growing by 8.1 million since February 2020, job creation has failed to keep pace, leaving more Americans out of work.

The Quality of Jobs

The employment landscape has seen a troubling shift towards part-time employment. This trend suggests that many Americans are taking on multiple jobs not out of ambition but necessity, struggling to maintain a basic standard of living in Biden’s economy.

The Illusion of Self-Employment

The rise in self-employment, including gig economy jobs like Uber and Lyft driving, does not signify entrepreneurial growth but rather underscores the desperation of underemployed workers forced to find alternative income streams.

The Real Beneficiaries

A shocking revelation from the job data is the loss of 1.4 million jobs by native-born workers, while foreign-born individuals have seen a 3 million job increase. This imbalance raises questions about the true beneficiaries of the current job market.

Our Take

The narrative of a thriving job market under Biden’s leadership is a mirage, masking the reality of a struggling economy that favors part-time and government jobs over full-time employment for American citizens. The administration’s claims of a post-COVID recovery overlook the critical issues of underemployment and the displacement of native-born workers.

As conservatives, we recognize the need for policies that foster genuine economic growth and job creation, prioritizing the well-being of American families and the nation’s long-term prosperity. The current administration’s approach, with its emphasis on government expansion and disregard for the quality of jobs, fails to meet these criteria.

It’s time for a shift towards policies that encourage private sector growth, support entrepreneurship, and ensure that American workers are not left behind in their own country. The job crisis under Bidenomics demands urgent attention and a return to principles that value hard work, innovation, and the American dream.

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