Of Course. Female Cop Accuses Mayor Eric Adams of Sexual Harassment!

Written by Elizabeth Johnson.

Families across America understand the importance of accountability. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been accused of serious misconduct dating back over 30 years, raising significant concerns about the integrity of public officials. Lorna Beach-Mathura, a former NYPD officer, has brought forward allegations that Mayor Adams sexually harassed her in 1993. She has bravely filed a lawsuit, seeking justice for actions that she claims occurred while she sought mentorship from Adams.

The Allegations

A Call for Mentorship Gone Wrong

Lorna Beach-Mathura, once an NYPD Transit Bureau employee, reached out to Adams, then a leader within a fraternal organization for black NYPD officers, for career advice. According to Beach-Mathura, her request for guidance turned into a nightmare. Adams is accused of exploiting her vulnerability, demanding sexual favors in exchange for professional help. This alleged abuse culminated in a harrowing incident where Adams is said to have sexually assaulted Beach-Mathura in a vacant lot.

Silence Out of Fear

The fear of retaliation kept Beach-Mathura silent for decades. It’s a common story, where victims feel powerless against influential figures. She initially shared her experience with close friends but refrained from filing a formal complaint against Adams. The passage of the Adult Survivors Act in New York, allowing survivors of sexual assault to file lawsuits years after the incident, finally gave her the courage to come forward.

Our Take

The allegations against Mayor Eric Adams, if true, represent a profound betrayal of trust and an abuse of power that cannot be ignored. In a society where justice and integrity are paramount, it’s crucial that those in positions of power are held to the highest standards. The courage of individuals like Lorna Beach-Mathura to come forward, despite the potential for public scrutiny and personal attack, underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in our public institutions. It’s a reminder that justice delayed is indeed justice denied, and every accusation deserves a fair and thorough investigation, regardless of the time that has passed.

This case sheds light on the broader issue of misconduct in positions of power and the challenges victims face in seeking justice. It’s a call to action for all of us to support a culture where individuals feel empowered to speak out, and where their voices lead to meaningful change. In holding public figures accountable, we uphold the values of justice and integrity that form the bedrock of our society.

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