GMO Secrets Hidden By Crafty QR Codes

Written by Johnathan Grace.

The Truth About Food Labels and GMOs. Nowadays, more folks are doing their homework, trying to dodge GMOs in their grub. But, instead of companies getting on board, they’re getting sneakier. Take Mission Tortillas, for example. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny revealed on X that this big tortilla name is playing hide-and-seek with GMO info. Only the eagle-eyed shoppers who bother to scan the QR codes find out the truth.

Sneaky Tactics Unveiled

Dr. Tenpenny shared a snapshot of Mission Extra Thin Yellow Corn Tortillas. They brag about being high in fiber and low in fat but mum’s the word on GMOs. Their website isn’t any more upfront. It’s like a detective game to uncover the GMO status of what’s on your plate.

The Truth About “Bioengineered”

Mission does sell some organic, clearly non-GMO wraps. So, if there’s no loud and proud non-GMO label, guess what? You’re likely eating GMOs. Thanks to the USDA, companies can tuck away GMO facts in QR codes, not on the packaging. Not everyone’s glued to a smartphone, and even if they were, good luck getting signal in a store.

Legal Battles Over Labeling

The Center for Food Safety isn’t having it. They’ve taken the USDA to court over this sneaky QR code business. The courts called it unlawful but didn’t force a change. And now, “bioengineered” is the new “GMO,” as if a name swap makes it less of an issue. If you’re upset, you can complain to the USDA, but don’t hold your breath waiting for action.

Our Take

The whole QR code runaround isn’t just annoying—it’s a breach of trust. When companies like Mission opt for QR codes over clear labeling, they’re not just being sneaky; they’re betting against the consumer’s right to know. And the USDA playing along? That’s not regulation; it’s facilitation. As conservatives, we stand for transparency and consumer rights. It’s time for food companies and the USDA to stop hiding behind QR codes and start respecting the consumer’s right to make informed choices about what they eat.

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