Dementia Joe: “Elect Me. I’m In The 20th Century” (Video)

Written by Michael Johnson.

In an era where clarity and forward-thinking are paramount, President Joe Biden’s recent statement during a White House press conference raised eyebrows. The president boldly declared, “Elect me. I’m in the 20th Century,” quickly amending his mistake to align with the 21st century. This slip of the tongue is not an isolated incident in Biden’s public speaking but part of a pattern that has drawn attention and concern.

The Pattern of Gaffes

Biden’s verbal missteps have been a recurring theme throughout his presidency. From nostalgically misremembering events to outright factual inaccuracies, these instances are often attributed to his age and cognitive capacity. Special counsel Robert Hur referred to him as “an elderly man with a poor memory,” a characterization that has fueled discussions about Biden’s fitness for office.

A Trail of Errors

The president’s miscues span a range of topics:

  • He recalled the “improvement of the U.S. economy in 2023” as a cherished memory, despite the year’s ongoing challenges.
  • Contradictory to photographic evidence, Biden denied ever meeting with Hunter Biden’s business associates.
  • His geopolitical comments have also raised eyebrows, such as stating that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”
  • Personal details also fall through the cracks, like inaccurately counting his grandchildren and mistakenly saying his son died in Iraq.

The White House’s Mitigation Efforts

To curb these inaccuracies, White House aides have resorted to providing Biden with note cards and urging adherence to pre-written scripts. This strategy aims to ensure his public statements are carefully “crafted and vetted” by a team of advisors, a practice evident in his latest press conference on the Hamas/Israel conflict, where his responses seemed to be read directly from prepared notes.

Our Take

President Biden’s frequent gaffes, while sometimes dismissed as harmless slips, underscore a concerning pattern that cannot be ignored. In times where global tensions are high and domestic issues demand precise leadership, the necessity for clear, cogent communication from the highest office is undeniable. As voters consider the future direction of the nation, these incidents prompt serious reflection on the capabilities and focus required to lead a country in the 21st century, not the 20th.

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