Brave 85 Year-Old Grandma Shoots Home Intruder With Her .357 Magnum!

Written by James Anderson.

The quiet of night was shattered for an 85-year-old woman in East Idaho when a violent intruder forced his way into her home, attacking and handcuffing her to a chair. However, Christine Jenneiahn was not ready to surrender to her fate.

A Fight for Survival

Despite the assault, Jenneiahn managed to drag the chair to her bedroom, where she kept her .357 Magnum revolver—a testament to her preparedness and resolve. She strategically placed the revolver in the living room, concealed between the couch’s armrest and cushion, readying herself for the intruder’s return. The intruder, identified as Derek Ephriam Condon, re-entered the living room and threatened Jenneiahn’s life as he continued to loot her home. In a moment of life-or-death decision-making, Jenneiahn made a bold move. “It was now or never,” she recalled, drawing her weapon and firing at Condon, hitting him in the chest with precision.

Despite being outgunned, as Condon returned fire with a 9mm pistol and struck her multiple times, Jenneiahn’s initial shots proved decisive. Condon eventually succumbed to his injuries in the kitchen.

Hours of Perseverance

Jenneiahn, wounded and handcuffed, remained on her living room floor for approximately 10 hours. Her ordeal ended when her son found her the following morning and helped her call 911. Law enforcement arrived by 12:17 p.m., providing critical lifesaving support. She was then transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.

Our Take

Christine Jenneiahn’s harrowing experience underscores the crucial importance of the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense. Her ability to protect herself with her legally owned firearm was pivotal in turning the tables on a potentially deadly encounter. This incident highlights why every law-abiding citizen deserves the right to defend their life and property. Such bravery and resilience in the face of extreme danger are commendable and a powerful testament to the spirit of self-reliance and personal responsibility that defines our nation.

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