Ominous Plans for a “Deepfake Election Crisis” Uncovered

Written by Christopher Collins.

Last month, a secretive meeting in New York brought together U.S. officials, tech executives, and advocacy groups to simulate a deepfake crisis impacting the upcoming 2024 election.

The Scenario of Manipulation

The simulation, dubbed “The Deepfake Dilemma,” envisioned a scenario where AI-generated images and videos spread across social media just before the election. These deepfakes purportedly showed election officials in Florida engaging in ballot dumping, a fabricated spectacle aimed at disrupting the electoral process.

The Implications of AI in Politics

Participants in this exercise included figures from the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and major tech companies. They explored potential responses to such crises, focusing on the impact of AI-generated phone calls warning Arizona’s elderly voters of non-existent threats at polling stations.

The Debate on Biden’s Involvement

A significant point of contention was whether President Joe Biden should address the nation regarding the deepfake threats. Participants worried that his involvement could be misconstrued as a political maneuver to influence the election outcome.

The Broad Efforts Against Deepfakes

The exercise is part of broader national efforts to prepare for potential deepfake disruptions during the 2024 elections. These preparations underscore the potential for AI-generated content to sow confusion among voters and skew electoral outcomes.

Previous Deepfake Incidents

Recent elections have seen an uptick in deepfake incidents. For instance, during the New Hampshire Democratic primary, a robocall featuring an AI-generated voice of Joe Biden told voters to stay home. In another instance, during Chicago’s mayoral race, a fake audio clip significantly damaged a leading candidate’s campaign by misrepresenting his views on policing.

Our Take

The growing capability to create realistic deepfakes represents a real threat to the integrity of our elections, one that could potentially manipulate voter perceptions and alter the outcome of races. However, the involvement of known anti-Trump figures in these preparatory efforts raises concerns about the potential misuse of these crises for political gain.

While it is crucial to guard against the misuse of AI in our electoral processes, we must also remain vigilant against the possibility of these tools being used to advance partisan objectives. The presence of individuals and groups with a history of opposition to President Trump involved in these simulations does not reassure those who advocate for electoral fairness and transparency.

As conservatives, we must demand transparency and accountability in how these potential crises are managed and ensure that any intervention is genuinely neutral and not influenced by political biases. It is imperative that we keep a watchful eye on these developments, understanding that the foundation of our democracy, the trust in our electoral system, is at stake.

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