RFK Jr. Exposes BlackRock’s Grip on America (Video)

Written by Johnathan Philips.

BlackRock’s Influence permeates every sector of American life, from food to healthcare, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently revealed on the “Rubin Report.” Kennedy’s insights shed light on a disturbing web of corporate control that not only affects our daily consumables but also dictates broader economic and military policies.

Corporate Control Over Public Health

Kennedy explicitly points out the dual role BlackRock plays in both contributing to public health crises and profiting from them. “BlackRock owns the processed food companies that are poisoning us, and they own the pharmaceutical companies that are making $4.3 trillion a year…treating the chronic disease that’s being caused by BlackRock’s other group of companies,” Kennedy declared. This profound statement highlights a harrowing cycle of illness and profit, a critical issue that demands national attention and debate.

Questioning Food Safety Standards

The safety of our food supply comes into question with Kennedy’s concern about the ingredients in American food. He raised an alarming point: “Shouldn’t we talk about the fact that we have 1,000 ingredients in our foods that are illegal in other countries?” This calls for a serious examination of why the United States allows such additives when they are banned elsewhere, suggesting a disconnect between what is profitable and what is healthy for consumers.

Military Industrial Complex and Overseas Conflicts

Shifting focus to military engagement, Kennedy highlights BlackRock’s significant investments in defense contractors like General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, and Lockheed. “BlackRock owns all the military contractors—that are destroying all the ports and bridges and schools and roads in Ukraine, and they also have the contracts for rebuilding Ukraine,” Kennedy explained. This involvement suggests a vested interest in ongoing conflicts and reconstruction efforts, which may influence American foreign policy decisions.

Media Ownership and Democratic Discourse

The consolidation of media ownership under entities like BlackRock is another critical issue Kennedy addresses. “The issues that would challenge their hegemony over our democracy are issues that are never talked about. By the way, [the media] are all ultimately owned by BlackRock, too,” he stated. This control over the narrative could stifle democratic discourse, keeping pivotal issues out of public conversation and preserving the status quo.

Political Polarization

Kennedy also comments on the strategic division between political parties, noting, “Of course, they want to make sure that Republicans and Democrats never get together on anything.” This tactic of division benefits those in power by preventing unified efforts that could threaten their control.

Our Take

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s comments reflect a critical view of how intertwined and influential corporate powers like BlackRock are in shaping not just economic landscapes but also public health, national policy, and even political unity. As conservatives, we must scrutinize these conglomerates’ roles and push for transparency and accountability. We believe in a free market, but it must be a fair market, one not dominated by giants who can manipulate both markets and governments to their advantage. This is a call to reevaluate our regulatory frameworks and ensure that the American public’s best interests are safeguarded against monopolistic practices that threaten our democracy.

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