Former UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss, Claims “New World Order” Targeting Donald Trump (Video)

Written by James Carter.

Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss sounds an alarm about efforts to undermine Donald Trump.

Truss Warns of Deep State Sabotage

Liz Truss, the former UK Prime Minister, has openly declared that the “New World Order” and Deep State entities are determined to prevent Donald Trump from succeeding should he win a second term. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Truss drew parallels between her own brief tenure and the obstacles she believes Trump would face.

Comparisons to Her Own Government

Truss detailed her experiences in office, suggesting that like her, Trump would struggle against a bureaucracy that resists conservative leaders. She argued that her government was destabilized by unelected bureaucrats, particularly during the introduction of her economic plan, which led to market turmoil inaccurately blamed on her administration.

The Role of the Bank of England

Highlighting specific instances, Truss criticized the Bank of England’s actions around the time she proposed new economic policies. According to Truss, unexpected interest rate decisions and the timing of bond sales by the Bank of England contributed to a sharp decline in the pound’s value and a crisis in government bonds, exacerbating the political pressure on her government.

Global Impact of Western Weakness

In her commentary on Fox & Friends, Truss discussed broader international issues, attributing global unrest to the perceived weakness of Western leadership compared to Trump’s more assertive stance. She cited situations in Ukraine, Israel, and policies towards Iran and China, suggesting that authoritarian regimes only respond to the kind of strength Trump displayed during his presidency.

Our Take

The insights from Liz Truss serve as a stark reminder of the challenges conservative leaders face not only from political opponents but from within the bureaucratic machinery that governs our institutions. Her warnings about the “New World Order” and the so-called Deep State reflect concerns about the integrity of democratic systems and the influence of unelected officials. If Truss’s allegations are correct, this represents a serious threat to the principles of democratic accountability and political transparency. Moving forward, it is crucial for the public and lawmakers alike to remain vigilant and ensure that all political leaders can operate without undue interference from those who would subvert the electoral will. The stability of Western democracy and the effectiveness of elected governments depend on addressing these covert manipulations head-on.

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