Soros-Backed DA Pamela Price Faces Recall Over Policies Of Not Charging Criminals! (Video)

Written by Michael Anderson.

Alameda County’s DA Pamela Price is set for a recall vote due to her controversial crime policies.

Community Backlash Leads to Recall

Pamela Price, the District Attorney of Alameda County, California, will face a recall election after a successful petition drive surpassed the necessary signatures to trigger a vote. The county’s registrar confirmed on Monday that out of 123,374 signatures gathered, 74,575 were validated, comfortably exceeding the 73,195 required.

Origins of the Recall Effort

The push for Price’s recall began due to widespread dissatisfaction with her approach to criminal justice, perceived as overly lenient towards offenders. Price, who took office in 2022, has been criticized for policies that seem to favor reducing penalties for serious crimes, including an attempt to reduce a sentence in a high-profile triple murder case. This led to a significant number of her staff resigning in protest.

Financial Backing and Political Influence

Price’s election campaign was notably supported by the George Soros-backed California Justice and Public Safety PAC, which contributed approximately $700,000. Her affiliation with Soros and her progressive stance on criminal justice reform have made her a polarizing figure in the community.

Public Response and Organizational Effort

The recall effort, led by the group Alameda for Everyone, has garnered substantial support from residents who are calling for greater accountability and effective leadership in addressing crime. Organizers of the recall expressed their satisfaction with the registrar’s announcement, emphasizing the community’s demand for change. The movement has drawn on the expertise of consultants who previously assisted in the recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Our Take

The situation in Alameda County is a clear example of what can occur when political leaders prioritize ideological agendas over public safety. The significant support for DA Pamela Price’s recall reflects a community’s rightful demand for a justice system that prioritizes the safety and security of its citizens over experimental justice reforms. As this recall progresses, it serves as a potent reminder of the importance of aligning legal policies with the community’s needs and expectations. The recall vote not only represents a pivotal moment for Alameda County but also underscores the broader national debate on the balance between reform and the enforcement of law and order.

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