Awesome! Megyn Kelly Calls Out Jeffrey Toobin’s Critique of Justice Thomas (Graphic)

Written by Nathanial Greene.

Conservatives have long argued for the maintenance of high moral standards, particularly in the public eye. This brings into sharp relief the behavior of CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who became infamous for an incident during a Zoom call in 2020 where he was observed engaging in inappropriate conduct, unaware that his camera was still active.

A Questionable Return

After taking a brief hiatus, Toobin made a return, continuing to frequent the airwaves and even penning works on political extremism. His return sparked debate on the appropriateness of his continued role given his past indiscretions.

Justice Thomas Under Fire

Recently, Toobin directed criticism at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, questioning his integrity in light of his wife’s alleged involvement in political activities related to the January 6th events. Toobin’s remarks were made on the social media platform X, where he stated, “In oral argument today, Justice Thomas is minimizing the severity of the 1/6 insurrection at the Capitol. Perhaps that’s because his wife was part of the conspiracy,” thus challenging Thomas’ ability to impartially participate in related cases.

Megyn Kelly’s Retort

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was quick to respond to Toobin’s comments. Her reply was both bold and unapologetic, “Hi Toobin – FYI you waived your right to use the term ‘disgraced’ about other lawyers when you took your dick out of your pants and jerked off in front of your colleagues,” she countered. This response garnered nearly three million views, signifying widespread public interest in her defense of Justice Thomas.

Our Take

It’s essential to consider the source of criticism, especially when it pertains to figures of public trust and authority. Jeffrey Toobin’s past actions severely undermine his credibility, making his judgments on the character and integrity of others, such as Justice Clarence Thomas, questionable at best. In the realm of public discourse, it is crucial to maintain a level of personal integrity to preserve one’s authority to critique others. Megyn Kelly’s pointed response highlights the hypocrisy inherent in Toobin’s comments and reinforces the need for accountability at all levels of public interaction. In these politically charged times, the right maintains that personal accountability is the cornerstone of genuine critique and justice.

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